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3 Reasons To Straighten Teeth With Plastic

  • February 19, 2016

You should not be defined by your crooked smile.

If you have one, it may hurt other people’s perception of you,

The American Association of Orthodontists conducted a survey just a few years ago about smiles. They found that 77 percent of women found bad teeth to be a bigger turnoff than a receding hairline. From a professional standpoint, 78 percent of Americans said that people with crooked teeth were generally perceived to be unsuccessful.

To put this another way, straighter teeth can help you look more attractive and more successful. One way to get straighter teeth is with “invisible braces” at Gentle Dental Care.

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Crooked Teeth Affect Self-Perception, Too

We know we mentioned some of the ways people may be judging you (unfairly) because you don’t have a perfectly straight smile.

But we know from our own patients that having a crooked smile also can affect your self-esteem. We’ve had patients who were so ashamed of their teeth that they went out of there way to hide them.

They would hold hands in front of their mouths when they spoke. They would use a napkin to cover their mouth whenever they were eating, and they never intentionally showed their teeth  in a photograph.

The same survey we mentioned early showed similar findings.

Among young adults (18 to 34 years old), 48 percent had untagged themselves in a photo posted to social media. The reason? They did not like their smile.

To further illustrate how your teeth can help or hurt your self-confidence, 75 percent of the survey respondents said wearing orthodontics had improved their careers and their relationships.

Your Orthodontic Options

You can always get braces, metal braces with brackets that attach to your teeth and have wires between them. In most cases, you can expect to have them for two years or so before your treatment is complete.

Another option is “clear braces.” These aren’t actually braces, but rather plastic aligners that are more comparable to wearing a series of retainers.

The plastic aligners will not work for everyone, but they can help to correct crooked teeth, teeth with gaps, and crowded teeth as well as overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

There are three primary advantages to wearing plastic aligners instead of traditional braces.

Advantage #1. Convenience

When you get braces, you have them on all the time. You can’t take them off until you are finished needing them.

When you have braces, you just have to give up eating certain foods for the two years or so that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. You have to pass on nuts, popcorn and potato chips, and you will need to avoid chewy candies and hard cookies.

You will need to change your oral hygiene routine. You will need to be particularly diligent to make sure nothing gets caught in your braces or between your braces and teeth. You also may need to get special tools to clean between your teeth since flossing will be a little more difficult.

With clear plastic aligners, you don’t have any of those problems.

You will need to wear your aligners almost all the time in order to get the best results. However, you can take them out to eat, which means you can eat whatever you want. You can remove them to brush and floss, too, which means you do not need to change your current oral hygiene routine.

Advantage #2. Comfort

If we are being completely honest, orthodontics and comfortable are not two things you hear together. 

Braces hurt when you get them. Braces hurt when you adjust them. If you have braces, you understand that’s part of the process.

For some people, braces can cause other problems. The brackets may feel scratchy on your lips or cheeks. If the wires break or come loose, they can poke you in the cheeks, gums, or lips.

Our smooth, clear, plastic aligners gently push your teeth into their new position. To adjust them, you replace one aligner with a new one that will push your teeth a little further along.

Because each aligner is made from a solid piece of plastic, there are no wires to come loose and no brackets to feel scratchy on the inside of your mouth.

Advantage #3. Clarity

If you have pieces of metal attached to your teeth with a metal wire running through them, everyone can see it. You could get ceramic braces, but those are still apparent to anyone you meet.

Our clear aligners are sometimes called invisible braces for a reason. They are transparent. When you have them on, many people will never realize that you are wearing an orthodontic device … unless they see you take out your aligners.

Find Out If Plastic Could Help You

Again, we want to be clear that these plastic aligners won’t work on every problem.

But they will work on a lot of issues, and they might be the perfect treatment for you.

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