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A Dental Crown Can Keep You Smiling

  • February 11, 2016

William* was a young man who didn’t take care of his teeth the way he should. In time, one of them started to develop tooth decay.

The infection slowly ate away at the back of his tooth where William couldn’t see it. Then one day, he noticed a problem while looking in the mirror. The tooth was starting to turn a dark yellow-brown color.

William knew this wasn’t what teeth were supposed to look like, but he didn’t know what to do. A friend told him to call Gentle Dental Care and to ask about getting a dental crown.

The staff at the dentist office in Plainville, CT listened carefully, and William decided to make an appointment to visit the next day.

* William is a fictitious patient, but his problem is one that affects many people every day.

At The Office

During his first visit, the office staff welcomed William.

When it was time for his appointment, the dental professionals started by examining his tooth and making X-rays. Our dentist, Dr. Peltzer, wanted to make sure the root of William’s tooth and his bone structure were healthy.

Everything appeared to be all right, so Dr. Peltzer explained to William that he would recommend a dental crown.

In this case, William’s dental crown would be used to cover his decayed and discolored tooth. The crown would serve as a cover that would improve the appearance of William’s tooth and still allow him to keep eating the foods that he enjoys.

As Dr. Peltzer was numbing William’s tooth, he also noticed that William seemed nervous. The doctor offered nitrous oxide sedation to help William relax.

After Dr. Peltzer knew that the sedation was working, he started to file down William’s tooth. By removing the parts of the tooth that had been damaged by decay, our doctor reshaped the tooth. He left an abutment with only healthy parts of the tooth.

Then, the staff made an impression with the abutment and the teeth to either side. This was sent to the laboratory that would make the dental crown.

Before the dentist was finished, he placed a temporary crown on William’s tooth to wear until his dental crown was ready.

The Second Visit

A week or two later, William’s dental crown was ready. Gentle Dental Care contacted him to return so it could be placed.

During this visit, the dentist removed the temporary crown. He inspected the permanent crown one more time to make sure it was the right color, shape, and size to fit in William’s mouth. When the dentist was satisfied, he placed the crown over the abutment and cemented it to William’s tooth.

William’s smile looked better than it had in months, and the doctor explained how to care for his new crown. He also assured William that the crown was strong enough that William could eat anything that he liked.

Why We Like Dental Crowns

In William’s case, the dental crown helped to replace a tooth that had been damaged by tooth decay. If William had not acted when he did, the decay could have gotten into the pulp inside his tooth, causing pain and possibly the need for a root canal treatment.

Dental crowns can be used for a number of purposes, such as:

  • To cover a tooth that is discolored or misshapen
  • To cover a tooth that has tooth decay
  • To protect a tooth with a large filling
  • To cover and protect a tooth that received a root canal treatment.
  • To replace a tooth that is broken, chipped, or cracked.
  • To cover a dental implant that replaced a missing or lost tooth

Dental crowns are a restorative option that also serves a cosmetic purpose. Whenever possible, dentists like to save as much of a tooth as they can.

With dental crowns, we can remove parts of a tooth that have become damaged or discolored. When Dr. Peltzer reshapes a tooth, he leaves an abutment where the dental crown can be held securely in place.

In cases where the damage is too extensive to save any part of the tooth, your tooth can be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. (A dental implant is like an artificial root of a tooth.) The dental crown can be placed over the implant.

This restores the appearance of a full set of healthy teeth, and it preserves your ability to eat the foods that you like.

Find Out More

Wondering if a dental crown might be able to help you or someone you know? Then call Gentle Dental Care today. We would be able to discuss how a dental crown can help you improve or maintain your smile.

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