A Discreet Way To Treat Decay

A Discreet Way To Treat Decay

  • September 22, 2016

Hello and welcome back to the Gentle Dental Care blog!

Most of our Plainville area patients are good about keeping up with their home hygiene habits and coming to see us twice a year.

Still, even if you are doing all the right things odds are good that you will encounter at least one cavity at some point in life.

It can happen fast. You consume sugar in your food. The sugar feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. That decay begins to take over your tooth through a small hole that seeks to expand. This hole is the start of a cavity. And left unaddressed, it will continue to grow and eat away at your tooth.

It isn’t all that problematic, really, if you are stopping by regularly enough for Dr. Peltzer to treat any issues like this before they get out of control. We’d rather set you up with a modern dental filling than bring you in for a root canal or an extraction!

Keep reading to hear about the way we actually do fillings nowadays, and then be sure to schedule your next appointment at our Central Connecticut dentist’s office.

Dental Fillings Restore Smiles

Like we said, when you visit the dentist every 3-6 months, our team will be able to detect the emergence of decay and stop it before it runs wild.

We will treat the problem with dental fillings, which will prevent the worst from happening to you. This is because fillings work to fill the hole, protecting it from further decay.

Dentists have traditionally used fillings full of silver amalgam, which is a paste composed of mercury along with a few other metals.

For years and years, these were considered effective at preserving teeth. After all, it was the only thing we had to work with.

But they bothered people with metal allergies and they never looked particularly good in your mouth. That’s why, in our Plainville, CT dental office, we can provide a new and improved dental filling that will look and feel great in your mouth.

Mercury-Free For Me

You will happy to know that, here at Gentle Dental Care, we use mercury-free fillings instead of the old-style kind. These are made of a composite resin that allows us to match it to your own tooth-color, preventing anyone from knowing that you’ve had cavities. Plus, there are other advantages of composite resin fillings.

These require minimal removal of healthy tooth structure when the process starts. What’s more, they are made from a very strong material, so they are built to last, restoring natural functioning to your teeth for years to come.

Gentle Dental Care Cares About You!

If you suspect that something is amiss in your mouth, always remember that we are standing by to restore the health of your smile.

There’s no reason to ever let tooth decay get away from you. Our fillings are subtle, safe, and effective. And our sedation dentistry options will ensure that your procedure is a pain-free and pleasant experience. We are the gentle dentist’s office in Central Connecticut!

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about cavity prevention or schedule your tooth-colored fillings procedure in Plainville, CT. We’ll get you smiling big again!


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