A Great Alternative To Metal Mouth

A Great Alternative To Metal Mouth

  • April 24, 2016

Welcome to another April edition of the Gentle Dental Care blog!

We are centrally located in the lovely community of Plainville, CT. If you live in these parts, we’ll do our best to make it easy on you to keep your smile healthy and looking its best.

How are you feeling about your smile? Have you been haunted by certain unseemly aspects for far too long? Are you thinking you are too old for the hassles of traditional orthodontics? Well then, we might just be able to help!

If you desire straighter teeth without a huge investment in treatment time, you should probably keep reading and then get in-touch to schedule your clear aligner consultation.

What are aligners all about?

Designed to save you from all the headaches associated with classic metal braces, orthodontic aligners are becoming increasingly popular around here.

These virtually invisible teeth straighteners are a great short-term adult orthodontics option. They can deliver great results without making you feel like an awkward teenager along the way.

Get this: at Gentle Dental Care, in the heart of Connecticut, we have a team that is certified to place invisible orthodontic aligners. Moreover, we have had great success in this area.

What Are Aligners?

Orthodontic aligners are a series of comfortable, custom-fitted plastic retainers that slip directly on your teeth. Unlike old-school braces, they have no metal wires or brackets.

How Do They Work?

To kickstart the process, we will do a complete workup and diagnosis of your alignment and bite problems, and prescribe a series of clear aligners to correct and straighten your teeth.

Here’s the trick: each aligner tightly molds to your teeth, applying gradual pressure to shift and your teeth into proper alignment. As such, you will need to wear each set of aligners for the better part of every day for two weeks or so. Then, instead of in-office adjustments, you will switch them out on your own to start the next phase of shifting. This will keep things on track.

The Clear Benefits Of Orthodontic Aligners

We love how easy these aligners are for adult patients.

One big benefit is that these aligners will quickly transform your teeth into a gorgeous new smile while only taking a fraction of the time it used to take to get the job done.

Plus, they can be removed at any time, making eating and cleaning easier than ever! No dietary restrictions or special tools will be a part of the program.

What’s more, since your gear is clear, no one will ever have to know about the project in your mouth! There will be no unwanted comments, prying questions, or rude nicknames!

Who Is A Good Candidate For Orthodontic Aligners?

Our aligners are very effective for people with minor crowding, gaps between their teeth, and mild alignment problems.

Patients who have more severe alignment and bite problems, or have very wide spaces between their teeth, would probably benefit from a more complex treatment with traditional orthodontics approaches.

But why not find out for yourself?

Straighten Out Your Problems!

Get the smile you deserve with clear braces! Don’t put it off any longer! Contact Gentle Dental Care online or call us 860-479-2397 to schedule your appointment.


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