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A New Smile Is As Easy As A Snap

  • March 28, 2016

You’ve had it with your teeth.

You can’t stand what you see every morning when you look in the mirror. You’ve got teeth that are worn down, yellowed, missing, or broken.

You know your smile doesn’t look right, and you just want it to look, well, normal again.

You’ve considered cosmetic dentistry, but you wish there was something even simpler, something that could improve your smile as easily as you can snap your fingers.

In that case, you want to visit Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT and talk to our dentist, Dr. Peltzer, about Snap-On Smile.

This may be the simplest way to the change the appearance of your teeth, whether you are looking for a short-term solution or a long-term fix.

Reasons To Fix Your Smile

We noted earlier some of the reasons you may be unhappy with your teeth.

Years of drinking coffee or tea may have caused deep stains. Tobacco use can do the same thing in even less time.

Biting into the wrong thing can cause part of a tooth to chip away. An accident may have broken pieces of multiple teeth, or you may have lost a tooth in the process. In others cases, you may have had multiple teeth removed.

Any or all of these situations can make you self-conscious about your smile, and that can hurt your confidence in professional, personal, and social situations.

Ways To Fix Your Teeth

You may have looked into restorative dentistry, and we offer a range of those services.

This can be something as small as a tooth-colored filling or bigger improvements like dental crowns or dental bridges. You may want something in between like tooth bonding, or you may want veneers to fix a problem that affects multiple teeth.

But we also know that these services are more expensive than a routine cleaning and examination.

Even if you want the restorative treatment, you may need a little time to save up the money needed to complete the procedure.

That doesn’t mean you want to wait to fix your smile, however. If your teeth are bothering you — and more important, if your feelings about your teeth are having a negative effect on the rest of your life — you would benefit from a quicker solution, even it is only for the short-term.

In A Snap

Snap On Smile is pretty much what it sounds like — new “teeth” that you attach your existing teeth to improve your smile.

For many patients, Snap On Smile is a more affordable means to improve their smile in just a few weeks and a couple visits to our office.

Snap On Smile is an acrylic, tooth-colored, overlay that connects to your teeth. As simple as it sounds, it has been life-changing for some patients.

With your new “teeth” in place, you may feel more comfortable sharing your ideas at work or introducing yourself to new people. Feeling confident about your smile can open up new possibilities for you in any area of your life.

Snap On Smile can be used to hide a number of problems you may have with your teeth, such as:

  • Closing spaces between your teeth
  • Filling in gaps due to missing teeth
  • Covering stained or discolored teeth
  • Hiding fillings or previous dental work

How To Get a Snap On Smile

As we mentioned above, you may be looking for a stopgap solution until you can afford to complete a restorative procedure. You may be looking for a quick fix to improve your smile before a big event, like a wedding, where you know lots of people will want to take lots of photos.

Another benefit of Snap On Smile is that it is one of the least invasive ways to change the appearance of your teeth.

You won’t need any shots to prevent pain. The dentist won’t have to reshape or drill your teeth to prepare them for your treatment. This can make Snap On Smile a great option for people who may have dental anxiety because of those concerns.

During your first visit, we will make an impression of your teeth. You will select how you want your teeth to look and even how white you would like your smile to be.

The impression of your teeth will be used to design a custom-fitting device just for you. We will send that impression to a laboratory, and your Snap On Smile should be ready in about three weeks.

When you return to our office, we will show you how to put on and take off your Snap On Smile. The thin but strong resin makes it functional as well.

You can eat and drink with your Snap On Smile (although you may want to avoid chewing gum or particularly sticky foods initially). It can affect you speech at first, but most patients adjust quickly and are back to speaking normally in a short amount of time.

Fast And Effective

We know how having a better smile can improve your self-esteem. We’ve seen how both cosmetic and restorative services have given our patients a confidence boost in our dentist office in Plainville, CT.

Make plans to visit Gentle Dental Care for a consultation if you would like to find out how Snap On Smile or any of our other services could help you or someone you love. You can make an appointment by filling out our online form or by calling 860-479-2397.


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