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It’s Always Wise To Evaluate Your Wisdom Teeth

  • May 18, 2017

You’d be surprised by how many things can go wrong in a person’s mouth over the course of a lifetime. That’s why it is a good idea to partner with a dentist that you can trust to keep up with your ever-evolving needs. This includes evaluating your wisdom teeth if they should ever begin to poke through. You see, more often than not, when wisdom teeth do come in, they only cause trouble for you and, so they will need to be removed.

Fortunately, Dr. Peltzer has more than enough experience to know when an extraction makes sense. And once he knows what is going on, he can typically remove your wisdom teeth before they become a real problem for you and your continued health and happiness. Read on to learn more about it, and then be sure to get in touch with our Plainville, CT dentist’s office to schedule your consultation.

What Are Wisdom Teeth, Anyway?

Simply put, wisdom teeth are your third set of molars, they usually show up when you are a teenager. Still, many patients won’t have to deal with these troublesome teeth until they are in their early 20s. These teeth used to have a function that has long since ceased to matter. Over the course of human evolution, our mouths have changed along the way. Wisdom teeth do still try to come in, but many people simply don’t have enough room for them any more. As you can imagine, multiple problems can result from these teeth pushing through.

Should Wisdom Teeth Always Be Extracted?

Perhaps there are some cases in which they can be left alone, but generally speaking, if you would like to sidestep dental pain, tooth decay, oral infections, periodontal disease, and mouth cysts, your best bet is to let Dr. Peltzer remove your wisdom teeth.

Is The Extraction Process Difficult?

In the modern era of dentistry, wisdom teeth removal is a common and easy procedure. Our smile specialist, Dr. Peltzer, has been removing teeth for a good while now. He’s also completed advanced surgical courses and worked alongside oral surgeons to learn best practices for tooth removal. He has incorporated those practices into the procedures we use for our patients in Central Connecticut. So, you won’t have anything to worry about when you come to Gentle Dental Care to get the job done.

Beyond that, when you do visit our office to have your wisdom teeth removed, you will get the benefit of an experienced staff that knows how to help you relax. During your procedure, we will administer a local anesthetic or provide sedation so your experience will be painless and pleasant.

After your surgery, we will instruct on what to do as your mouth recovers. By following those directions, you will keep your mouth free from infections.

Just so you know, it’s also essential that you take some time to rest following your procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is still a type of oral surgery, and you should be prepared to take some time to recover afterwards. You wouldn’t want to head straight back to the office, that’s for sure!

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope that this post has inspired you to take the next step. If you are ready to talk to Dr. Peltzer about wisdom teeth removal or impacted wisdom teeth, please call Gentle Dental Care in Plainville at 860-479-2397, or use our online form to schedule your appointment. We’ll get you smiling big again in no time.


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