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Child’s Loose Tooth Shouldn’t Be a Viral Video Moment (Video)

  • June 4, 2018

Some folks film every milestone of their children’s lives on their phones to share with family and friends. Some even share it with a broader audience, posting videos of their kids on YouTube. A surprising number of those videos go viral, making what used to be a private family joke a meme-worthy moment.

One such milestone is pulling a child’s loose tooth. A Google search quickly finds many unusual methods that have been used, involving assistance from, among other things, a Nerf gun, a quadcopter, and a squirrel. (Yes, really!)

We don’t recommend using a toy or a wild animal to pull your child’s loose tooth. You don’t want to take a risk with your child’s oral health. Instead, gently grasp it with a tissue and lightly squeeze. Watch this video from the American Dental Association for more details.

And be sure to bring your children to our Plainville, CT dentist office for regular dental exams. We’ll monitor the health of both their primary and permanent teeth, using preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants to keep them in great shape.

Whether or not a child’s loose tooth is involved, call Gentle Dental Care at 860-479-2397 to make an appointment for an exam if your child hasn’t seen us for a while.


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