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Clear Orthodontic Aligners Can Change Your Life

  • June 1, 2017

Summertime is a great time to live in Central Connecticut. But it can also be a nerve racking time to have a crooked, crowded, or gapped smile. That’s because there is so much to see, so much to do, and so many amazing people to pass the time with. And, obviously, it is not much fun to have to reveal your dental flaws every time you open your mouth to speak, share a laugh, or break bread with the folks who matter most in your life. Don’t worry, there is a way out: a cosmetic dentistry solution or an orthodontic treatment from Dr. Peltzer and the team here at Gentle Dental Care. We would love to turn you on to our clear orthodontic aligners that are designed to boost the appearance AND the health of your smile. Keep reading to hear more about this amazing program, and then contact our Plainville, CT dentist’s office to schedule your consultation.

You Are The Perfect Age For This Treatment

With Dr. Peltzer guiding the process, it is always the perfect time to boost the health and appearance of your smile, regardless of your age or background. Still, we know that you may be concerned about what an orthodontic treatment would look like at your age, in terms of lifestyle disruptions and overall hassles. But we’ll make it easy.

Clear Aligners Provide A New And Better Way

Clear aligners can provide a more subtle, less time-consuming method of treatment than regular old braces. Our clear aligners straighten out the mess in your mouth by utilizing a series of clear, plastic aligners (that are based on actual molds of your teeth) to facilitate the movements.

These aligners are scarcely visible which means your treatment will be conducted in a way that lets you fly under the radar. Onlookers will ever know, unless you tell them.

Here’s the deal: first, we will need to bring you in for a consultation with Dr. Peltzer in order to map out your treatment schedule in advance and start to design your aligner trays.

Then, instead of coming in for awkward monthly adjustments to your hardware, the job will be left to you, at home. Basically, every two weeks or so you will need to switch the aligners out at home to keep things moving in the right direction.

Every clear aligner tray is strategically crafted to move certain teeth, at very specific times. As opposed to the traditional metal braces that are installed more or less permanently in your mouth, the clear aligners aligners are removable, which means you get a break from the process at some point each day. Just don’t go crazy with your freedom, and it will all work out.

Eating and drinking will remain pleasurable activities since there will be no dietary restrictions imposed and no food will ever get trapped in any metal wires and brackets. Special tools won’t be required, either. Cleaning is a snap (you simply rinse them under warm water), and you just brush and floss and rinse like you normally would.

Instead of suffering through 2-3 years of wearing metal braces, your clear aligners treatment can be completed in a matter of months (usually 12 or less)! And the process will be comfortable and pain-free. No mouth sores, bleeding, and so forth. In the end, you’ll have an incredible new look as if by magic!

Let Us Straighten Out Your Smile In Plainville, Connecticut

We hope that you have been inspired by the possibilities! Contact us now to schedule your clear aligners consultation with Dr. Peltzer at Gentle Dental Care of Plainville, CT. We’ll get you smiling big again!


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