Cosmetic Dentistry Is Easy In Plainville, CT

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Easy In Plainville, CT

  • May 16, 2017

Most of us were not born with a perfect smile, and sometimes the years can be unkind. That’s just the way it is. But unfortunately, appearances seem to matter more than ever, and so having a less than gorgeous grin can cause a lot of shame and embarrassment unless you do something about it.

Many people who vaguely know that solutions exist, falsely assume that cosmetic dentistry is only for the rich and famous, and that average folks are destined to be stuck with their less-than-perfect smiles. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

As it happens, our own Dr. Peltzer makes smile makeovers easy and accessible right here in our local Plainville, CT dentist’s office. That’s great news for your summer social life, right? But it will be up to you to make it happen. Keep reading to hear about our cosmetic dentistry solutions, and then be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your consultation at Gentle Dental Care.

Dental Bonding

If you aren’t ready to go all the way, that’s alright. We can start you out with a dental bonding procedure. This is perfect for patients who have a few flaws rather than deep dental damage. During this treatment, we simply apply a layer of tooth-colored adhesive materials and smooth it over until you have a great-looking smile once again. There couldn’t be a better way to ease into the world of cosmetic dentistry!

Professional Teeth Whitening

If your yellow teeth are making you blue, we can help. Our safe and reliable teeth whitening method involves using an ultra-strong bleaching agent that is applied in a custom mouthpiece designed to cover every inch of your teeth. Your treatment usually lasts no more than two hours and you will see amazing results in no time!

Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Are you ready to finally address your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? Great! You will be pleased to know that the clear aligners we use are far more comfortable than standard metal braces. Beyond that, they are removable, which makes eating more enjoyable, and cleaning a breeze. No dietary restrictions or weird tools will be required. And treatment can be completed in only about 12 months, rather than 2-3 long years.

Dental Veneers

Is your smile worse for wear? No problem! Our dental veneers are a great a catch-all solution. These thin coverings are made of porcelain and are used to cover up years of dental damage. Veneers get attached directly to the front of your teeth after a layer of enamel is removed. This removal is a minimally invasive step and simply ensures that they will be a good fit.

Learn More, Get Started!

To hear more about the above cosmetic dentistry treatments and our other smile makeover options, call Gentle Dental Care of Plainville, CT at 860-479-2397 or contact us online today! Don’t forget, if you are anxious we can always set you up with dental sedation to help you get the transformation you deserve!


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