Cosmetic Dentistry: Makeover Your Smile And More In Plainville

Cosmetic Dentistry: Makeover Your Smile And More In Plainville

  • June 20, 2017

Welcome to the online home of our Plainville dentist’s office. If you are upset about the current state of affairs in your mouth, you should know that we are your best bet in the Central Connecticut region for transforming your teeth and gums into something really special. That’s because, our leader, Dr. Peltzer, has invested heavily in the sort of tools, training, and technology that will be required in order to take your smile where it needs to go. The first step of your transformational journey is to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation here at Gentle Dental Care. Until we see you in-person, here are some of our smile makeover solutions to be thinking about…

Dental Veneers

It has been said that dental veneers are a great a catch-all solution. They are perfect for patients who want to hide less-than-flattering chips or discoloration. Simply put: our dental veneers are thin coverings made of porcelain that basically cover up years of dental damage. Veneers get attached directly to the front of your teeth after a layer of enamel is removed. This removal is a minimally invasive step and simply ensures that they will be a good fit. Still, if that makes you the least bit uneasy, we have good sedation dentistry options available that will quickly put your fears to rest. In the end, you can trust that our Plainville, CT dental team will make sure that your veneers are designed to blend in with the shape and color of your natural teeth. You will love your new look and so will everyone else!

Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Do you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? Did you miss out on braces when you were younger? Then we can help, and our invisible orthodontics program could be just the treatment you need to straighten out your smile issues once and for all.

The clear aligners we use are more comfortable than conventional braces and they get the results you want in far less time. Even better, they are also removable, which makes eating more fun, and cleaning your gear a snap. Oh, and we should also mention that no dietary restrictions or weird tools will be part of the deal.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your daily consumption of coffee, red wine, chocolate, and so forth, could be staining your pearly whites. Plus, getting older will darken your smile as well. It can be an embarrassing situation, to say the least. Sadly, over-the-counter whitening kits do little to improve the bleak situation. Fortunately, our professional whitening procedures can brighten your life in a meaningful way!

This safe and effective method involves using an ultra-strong bleaching agent that is applied in a custom mouthpiece designed to cover every inch of your teeth. Your treatment usually lasts no more than two hours and you will see stunning results right away!

Gentle Dental Care Makes Makeovers Easy!

We hope that you have enjoyed hearing about the possibilities. To learn more about these and other cosmetic dentistry options, call Gentle Dental Care of Plainville, CT at 860-479-2397!


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