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Don’t Let Your Teeth Relapse

  • February 23, 2016

It’s wonderful when you can fix something and it stays fixed. That’s particularly true for people who went through orthodontic treatment as teenagers.

We doubt any of you would want to go through the process of wearing braces for a second time.

Unfortunately, some people experience orthodontic relapse. This is when your teeth start to drift back to their original, misaligned positions.

When you notice that happening, you aren’t going to want brackets and wires all over again. However, there is another way Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT can help.

We offer short-term orthodontics to help our patients with mild to moderate alignment problems.

Why Do Teeth Shift?

The only reason dentists and orthodontists are able to straighten teeth is because they can be moved. This is the reason people are supposed to wear a retainer for a short time after their orthodontic treatment is complete.

The intent is to hold your teeth in their new position so your body accepts that that is where they should be.

If you did not wear your retainer like you were supposed to, this is one possible reason that your teeth have started drifting back toward where they started.

In other cases, you may have done everything your dentist or orthodontist asked of you, and for other reasons, your teeth started drifting away from their straight positions.

Genetics can affect this. If your family has a history of crooked teeth, then this can cause a shift, even later in life.

Tooth loss can cause your teeth to drift. Teeth provide mutual support for one another. If you lose just one tooth, it can disrupt the support system for that entire arch of teeth.

Tooth grinding can affect the position of your teeth as well. You may be doing this without realizing it … until you notice your teeth are moving.

Wisdom teeth are often a problem. You may have finished wearing braces years before your wisdom teeth emerge. (For some people this doesn’t happen until their early 20s.) If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can push your existing teeth close together and out of alignment.

Short-Term Fix, Long-Term Solution

If you wore braces another time, then you already know that they can take two years (or more) to straighten your teeth.

You probably won’t want to wear braces again, much less for two years.

This is when our clear, plastic aligners can help. This is a type of short-term orthodontics that we offer for our patients.

We use this to help patients with mild to moderate alignment problems. If your teeth are shifting, then more than likely you noticed it fairly early. It’s unlikely that your teeth got all the way back to where they were before you had braces.

Clear, plastic aligners can’t fix every problem, but they can help with many issues, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crossbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between them
  • Open bites
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

How Aligners Work

If you had braces, then you know what happens with them.

The dentist or orthodontist attached brackets to your teeth. He or she ran a wire between those brackets, and you may have used ligatures (small rubber bands) to help your braces push or pull your teeth into their new position.

Occasionally, you went back to the dentist or orthodontist to have your braces adjusted. This kept your teeth moving in the right direction.

Aligners are more like a series of retainers. After making an impression of your teeth, we get a set of aligners just for you. Each aligner pushes your teeth a little closer to a straight position. Every few weeks, you’ll replace your aligner with a new one.

Benefits Of Aligners

Braces and aligners both can straighten your teeth. Each uses a different method to make that happen.

Whether this is your first time using orthodontics or your second attempt because of relapsed teeth, you may find clear aligners are a better options.

The brackets on your braces can sometimes irritate your lips and cheeks. Sometimes the wires come loose, and they can poke your cheeks, gums, and lips. You also have to give up certain foods, at least for as long as you have your braces, and you definitely can’t hide the fact that you have braces on your teeth.

Each aligners is made of a smooth piece of plastic. There are no edges and no chance of loose wires scratching or poking you.

The aligners can be removed when you eat, so you can still enjoy all you favorite foods. And the aligners are transparent, making them virtually unnoticeable when you are wearing them.

Keeping Your Teeth In Order

If you are considering orthodontics for the first time or correcting an orthodontic relapse, start by calling Gentle Dental Care. Our clear aligners may be a simple, effective, and convenient way to stop your teeth from drifting any further.

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