Don’t Lose Your Cool If You Lose A Tooth

Don’t Lose Your Cool If You Lose A Tooth

  • September 12, 2016

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We recently had a patient who was enjoying a top-down day in his 1965 Galaxie convertible, when someone else ran a stop sign, forcing our friend to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision.

What you may not know about American automobiles of that era is that they came with factory lap belts at best. In fact, seat belts of any kind were still an option back then, and that was one option that our patient’s Ford did not come equipped with. And so, long story short, when his head collided with the steering wheel, a tooth became dislodged.

Now look, it could have been much worse for all the parties involved. No one was killed, and there was no vehicular damage. Still, it was a bloody and traumatic affair. This situation is precisely the sort of thing that you just can’t plan for. But that is not to say that you can’t prepare yourself nonetheless.

When you have a dental emergency to deal with, you should call the dentist, and if you live in Central Connecticut, like our aforementioned friend, you should call Gentle Dental Care right away. Dr. Peltzer was able to help that man get back on the good road fast. And our team will be there for you, too, should you ever need us.

Don’t Freak Out

The scenario we described above is just one example of how quickly a dental emergency can unfold, and it’s one of many ways one of your teeth can get knocked out of your mouth. It can happen anywhere, anytime.

To ensure the happiest ending for yourself, here’s what you should do if you ever lose a tooth (as an adult):

First, locate the tooth. If you do, be sure to pick it up only by the crown. This is the part of the tooth that you normally see when it is in your mouth.

Next, you should begin to rinse the tooth with water to remove any dirt. Remember, do not ever use soap or chemicals since these can do more damage to the tooth.

You also should rinse your mouth with water to remove any blood.

See if you are then able to place the tooth back into its original socket. You may be able to hold it in place with your finger or by biting down.

If that doesn’t work, you need to find a way to keep your tooth moist. This may surprise you, but you can actually place it in a container of milk.
Most importantly, you will want to call Dr. Peltzer as soon as you can.

Restoring A Lost Tooth

It may be possible to save your tooth. And your odds are better if we can see you in our office soon after the incident that dislodged it.

In the event that your tooth can’t be re-inserted, you will have a couple of treatment options to consider.

Your best bet is probably a dental implant which can replace the root of your missing tooth. We complete your implant process with a dental crown. Our dental crowns are made with e.max, porcelain, zirconium, or a combination of different materials. All three are strong enough to function and look like the real deal.

The other option may be to create a dental bridge. To make your bridge, we would reshape the teeth on either side of your missing tooth into abutments.

We can place a temporary bridge into those abutments until your permanent bridge is complete. When it’s finished, we will bond the dental bridge in place, allowing you to get back to life as usual.

We Are Your Dental Emergency Center

For immediate assistance, call our restorative dentist’s office in Plainville, CT, at 860-479-2397 or contact us online now.


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