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Freshen Your Smile With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • April 2, 2018

Spring is a time when the world around us gets a new appearance. The days get longer and sunnier, the trees get greener, and flowers begin to bloom. It’s a good time to freshen your smile’s look too, with cosmetic dental procedures from Gentle Dental Care.

Dr. Thomas Peltzer offers cosmetic dentistry to address just about any smile flaw, including teeth that are stained, crooked, chipped, or otherwise worse for wear.

The best way to find out which procedures will work best for beautifying your grin is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peltzer in our Plainville, CT dentist office. Call 860-479-2397 to book one. He can even create a plan for a comprehensive smile makeover! And he can preview your new look, with digital imaging and/or wax models.

Not sure where to start? Make a list of all the things you’d like to change about your smile. Bring it with you when you meet with Dr. Peltzer so he can walk you through all of your cosmetic dental options. He’ll be happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns. In the meantime, here’s an overview of our procedures.

Fix Almost Any Flaw With Dental Veneers

In just two or three visits, you can get these thin, custom-made covers for the front surfaces of your teeth. They hide many smile flaws, including chips, stains, small gaps, and wear-and-tear. You can even lengthen the look of too-short teeth. You can choose a shade that matches your other teeth or get a whiter look if you’d like.

Dr. Peltzer may need to remove a tiny amount of enamel from your teeth before he applies your veneers, depending on the type of veneer you choose. Your veneers are strong, stain-resistant, and should last for many years with proper care.

Add Pearl to Your Pearly Whites With Teeth Whitening

Want a whiter, brighter smile? You can get a whitening treatment in our Plainville, CT dentist office, or we can provide you with professional-strength treatments you can use in the convenience of your own home. Either way, your results will be better than what you can get with products from a drugstore.

Change Look of Your Smile With Teeth & Gum Contouring

Dr. Peltzer can use a laser to painlessly remove excess gum tissue, giving you an attractive balance between your gums and teeth. This can lengthen the look of teeth that are too short or get rid of a “gummy” look. He can also use the laser to smooth uneven edges, correct slight overlaps, or make other adjustments to the shape of your teeth.

Improve Your Smile in Just One Day With Tooth Bonding

Bonding is an affordable treatment that we can typically complete in a single appointment. Dr. Peltzer will apply tooth-colored resin directly to your smile and carefully shape it to alter the appearance of your teeth. Unlike a veneer or a crown, bonding is a reversible process. But it won’t last as long and can’t be used to fix major flaws.

Straighten Teeth With Invisalign Clear Aligners

With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without a mouthful of metal wires and brackets. Instead, you wear a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that straighten your smile according to a plan designed by Dr. Peltzer. You won’t have to worry about getting food stuck, because you can remove your aligners for eating. The Invisalign process typically takes less time than with traditional metal braces.

Crowns Can Fix Even Serious Dental Damage

Because they completely cover teeth, crowns can conceal almost any imperfection. We use them to cover broken, cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth, modifying their shape and color. They also protect your teeth from further dental damage. After a root canal, Dr. Peltzer often covers the restored tooth with a crown. We can even replace a missing tooth by attaching a dental crown to a dental implant.

Use Snap-On Smile for a Temporary Transformation

Snap-On Smile is a tooth-colored acrylic prosthetic that fits snugly over your own teeth when you snap it into place. It be used for a short-term fix, such as covering gaps in your smile while waiting for dental implants to heal. Others use it as a longer-term way of concealing stains, chips, or even missing teeth. While more affordable and less invasive than veneers or a crown, it won’t last nearly as long.

Cosmetic dental procedures involve little, if any, discomfort. Still, we can use local anesthesia and dental sedation if you need it. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 860-479-2397.


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