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Should You Get Dental Sedation? (quiz)

  • April 9, 2018

There are all kinds of reasons for getting dental sedation. They’re not all as obvious as anxiety about upcoming treatment. Sedation is also helpful if you want to complete several procedures at one time. It will make it easier for Dr. Thomas Peltzer to treat you if you have sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex.

It’s a good idea to discuss sedation with Dr. Peltzer before any procedure in our Plainville, CT dentist office. He can help determine if you need it and which of the three types we offer will work best for you. Thanks to his expertise, you can get inhaled sedation, oral sedation, or IV sedation. Few general dentists offer all three types.

In the meantime, take this quiz to assess your need for dental sedation. And call 860-479-2397 to find out more about the options we offer.


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