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Get Your Fill: Fillings & Root Canals

  • July 28, 2016

It started small, so small that you probably didn’t notice it.

Then it started to eat away at you. As it got bigger, you became more aware of it, but you still didn’t do anything about it.

Eventually, it started to hurt, and now you can’t stand it any longer.

You could have fixed this problem a long time ago with a dental filling, but now you are looking at a root canal procedure to treat an infected tooth.

We encourage anyone living near our dentist office in Plainville, CT, to get help with a cavity as soon as you see it. If you don’t and you do need a root canal treatment, the team at Gentle Dental Care can help with that, too.

Dental Fillings

Tooth decay may be the most widespread oral health problem in the world. Close to 19 out of every 20 American adults will have at least one cavity in their lives.

This is a preventable problem, but even if you do developing tooth decay, it can be fixed quickly and painlessly with a tooth filling.

The reason we stress brushing, flossing, and visiting us for routine care is to reduce your risk of having a cavity and so you can have it treated quickly if you do get one.

Dental fillings are the most common form of restorative dentistry that will provide at Gentle Dental Care, and you know if you come here, then you won’t feel anything during this procedure. We can provide local anesthetic or perform your treatment with dental sedation. Either way, your comfort will be a priority.

At our office, we used composite resin to create tooth-colored fillings for our patients.

These do what fillings are supposed to do. They fill in the space that was eaten away by your tooth decay, and they seal that part of your tooth to reduce the risk of a new infection.

Unlike metal fillings, our composite fillings closely match the color of your teeth. This makes them less noticeable when you speak or smile. Many people won’t know which of your teeth had a cavity.

By acting early, you can save yourself time, money, and pain that can occur if bacteria eats all the way into the center of your tooth.

With that in mind, here is how we would handle that situation.

Root Canal Procedures

Bacteria is the cause of tooth infections. Infections occur when the bacteria reaches either the pulp chamber or one of your root canals (openings where nerves and blood vessels enter your teeth) or the pulp chamber.

These inner part of your tooth contain a soft connective tissue called pulp. If bacteria infects the pulp, it can become inflamed, and that can cause you pain.

It may be a lingering pain. That pain may occur when you bite or chew with your infected tooth. That pain may be the result of increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

You also may notice swelling of the soft tissues around your infected tooth or a pimple that forms on your gums.

In order to resolve this situation and end your pain, a root canal procedure is in order.

No matter what you may have heard or may believe about root canal treatments, they do not have to hurt.

At a minimum, we will provide local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding soft tissue. We also offer three kinds of sedation dentistry if you want to be absolutely sure that you don’t feel anything.

We won’t start the rest of the procedure until we know you are numb to any pain or you are fully sedated.

To removed the infection, we have to remove the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels from your tooth. Then we will clean and sanitize the inside of your tooth.

At this point, the procedure is similar to a big filling. We have a special material to fill the root canal and the pulp chamber. This reduces your risk of another infection and holds the shape of the tooth.

Sometimes we can seal the tooth with a dental filling. Other times, we use a dental crown. It depends on how much of an opening was needed to remove the infected material.

Act Now Or Later

Honestly, the team at Gentle Dental Care would prefer that you act now if you have noticed a cavity starting to develop. A dental filling will address your problem before it causes you pain.

If you are already having pain, you shouldn’t continue suffering. Call 860-479-2397 or use our online form to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Plainville, CT.


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