Good Solutions For Bad Breath

Good Solutions For Bad Breath

  • September 19, 2016

Hello and welcome to another September installment of the Gentle Dental Care blog!

There is so much that we can do for the appearance of your smile. But we are also here for you to help address any other oral health concerns that you may have.

To that end, we have a question for you: Do you regularly have bad breath?

It could be a chronic but curable condition called halitosis. This sort of thing can be difficult to live with, especially for those around you!

That said, there are some easy steps that you can take to make your situation better.

As such, for today’s post we have assembled a brief guide for beating bad breath. When you are finished reading, be sure to get in touch with our Plainville, CT dentist’s office to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Peltzer!

Water Is Key

Staying sufficiently hydrated is the best thing you can do to keep bad breath at bay. That is because saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth that is causing your bad breath. However, for saliva to be produced, you will need to drink plenty of refreshing water. If you can find a source of water that is fortified with fluoride, that is even better!

Mints Are Not A Good Solution

Sometimes you need a fast fix to save face in a pinch. We know it is easy in the short run to grab a mint, cover up the bad taste, and hope no one comes close enough to detect the bigger problem.

Unfortunately most mints are full of sugar. And once the mint has dissolved in your mouth, what lingers is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems to begin with.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth And Gums

This is the least you can do for your smile! Overcoming chronic bad breath is really a matter of destroying dangerous bacteria! By brushing your teeth, you are taking a good first step. But dental floss is an even better weapon in this neverending battle. You should brush and floss twice a day or more to drive bacteria out from the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

If you are confronted with chronic bad breath, take some time to scrape and brush your tongue. We suggest that you do it as often as possible. It makes a big difference!

Schedule Regular Checkups At Gentle Dental Care!

It helps to have a dentist you can trust to keep up with your ever-evolving needs. We have the tools, training, and technology that you just don’t have access to at home. Plus, we have the professional eyes attuned to spotting any causes for concern before they turn into major (and more costly) issues for you.

Following the advice in today’s blog post and visiting our office every six months (at least) can be all it takes to keep your mouth free from harmful bacteria and bad breath!

You Make The Call!

We are ready when you are! To make an appointment, call our Plainville, CT dentist’s office today at 860-479-2397 or contact us online now! We’ll give you plenty to smile about!


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