Implant-Retained Dentures In Plainville, CT

Implant-Retained Dentures In Plainville, CT

  • June 22, 2017

Are you tired of going through life without a complete set of teeth? Would you like to find a better solution than your grandfather’s slippery dentures? Then we can help! You see, cutting-edge dentists like Dr. Peltzer started utilizing implants in conjunction with dentures to better secure these devices, giving you a better look overall and complete confidence when eating. Keep reading to hear more about what our modern-style dentures can do for you, and then be sure to get in touch with our Plainville, CT dentist’s office to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Peltzer.

With These Dentures, You Can Eat Whatever You Want

You already know that, without all of your teeth in-place, you are forced to consume a lot more soft foods and a lot less of the foods you love. Our dentures will help you with chewing fiber-rich foods. As such, they help you improve your health, your appearance and your self-confidence too.

We Use Dental Implants To Stabilize The Hardware

Here’s how it works: Implant-retained dentures work like regular dentures in that they replace all of your natural teeth. Still, implants give these dentures the extra support and security they need to be more comfortable and realistic. An implant is surgically inserted into your mouth and allowed to fuse with your jawbone. After they are inserted, they become a permanent part of your mouth and will allow you to chew and function like you normally would.

Because there will now be a solid anchor, there won’t be any issues at all when it comes to eating. Plus, you won’t have to worry about applying adhesives every day. There is a minor surgery involved but it won’t be too intense. And you can trust that we will do everything in our power to help you relax while you are here. Dr. Peltzer is the one dentist in Plainville you can depend upon to get the job done in a pleasant and pain-free manner. We are Gentle Dental Care, after all!

A Simple Process

The reconstruction process depends, in a big way, upon your willingness to receive the recommended implant procedures that allow you to reclaim your life. You can rest assured that we’ll be here to offer guidance and support. And we will create all of our prostheses to look as natural as possible with plenty of lifelike detail. So, if you are tired of all the headaches and embarrassment that go along with missing teeth, then this is your chance.

Bar-Retained Dentures

Using the implants placed in your jaw, we’ll attach a bar that contains a small ridge. By modifying your dentures to include several clasps, you’ll be able to snap your dentures firmly in place!

Ball-Retained Dentures

We’ll restore your implants with a series of metal balls, and your dentures will be modified to contain sockets. You’ll simply pop your dentures in place each day and experience a great new stability in your smile that you didn’t know was possible!

Let’s Do This!

We hope you are ready to take the next step and start smiling big again. To schedule your dentures consultation, contact our Plainville office today!


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