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Invest in Your Smile: Get a Mouthguard

  • April 11, 2018

This year’s NCAA tournaments are over, and we are already looking forward to next season.

But there was a moment during the Big XII conference tournament that you may have missed.

Texas’s Kerwin Roach was defending an Iowa State player. As the Iowa State player attempted to drive, he hit Roach in the mouth with his elbow. This broke one of Roach’s teeth, a piece of which fell to the court.

Luckily for Roach, the dentist for the Kansas City Chiefs football team was at the game. At halftime, he fixed Roach’s tooth. Roach returned to the court in the second half, and he wore a mouthguard.

Hopefully, you won’t have to learn that learn the hard way. By wearing an athletic mouthguard, you could prevent a similar accident from happening to you.

At Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT, we will be happy to make a custom-fitted mouthguard for you. To get one for yourself or a sports star in your family, call (860) 479-2397 today!


They Aren’t Just for Football

Mouthguards have been required in football at all levels for decades. That’s a big part of the reason that football is not the sport that causes the most dental injuries.

Among older kids (13 to 17 years old), basketball players are the most likely to receive oral injuries. Among younger kids (7 to 12 years old), baseball players experience the most dental trauma.

The American Dental Association recommends that every athlete who participates in high-impact sports should wear mouthguards. That includes basketball, baseball, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, and several more competitions.

As a general rule, if your sport involves any of the following:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Hitting a ball or puck
  • Catching or throwing something

… then you should be wearing a mouthguard.

The American Dental Association estimates that around 3 million teeth are knocked during youth sporting events every year. And a recent survey of parents revealed that only 16 percent of kids wear mouthguards while playing sports.

The ADA also noted that 200,000 teeth are saved annually because of mouthguards. We can’t help thinking that number would be higher if more young athletes protected their mouths when they tooth the court, the field, or the ice.


A Better Fit = Better Protection

If you have an antique vase that you needed to transport to a museum, how would you protect it?

□ Place in on an empty seat in your car and hope nothing happens during your trip

□ Put it in an empty box

□ Place it in and box with foam padding with a hole custom-made for that vase

We are pretty sure you would choose the third option. Knowing this, how much more valuable are your teeth than a vase?

If you are playing sports without a mouthguard, it’s like leaving that vase on the passenger seat and hoping nothing goes wrong.

If you are wearing a boil-and-bite mouthguard from the store, it’s like placing that vase in an empty box.

For the best possible protection, you need to wear a mouthguard that was custom-formed to fit your teeth. We can make this kind of mouthguard for you at Gentle Dental Care.

The bulky mouthguards you’ll find in stores can interfere with your ability to speak and breathe because of their size. They also can be uncomfortable to wear.

By getting a custom-fitted mouthguard, you are greatly reducing your risk of a serious dental injury. Plus, they are smaller, which makes them more comfortable to wear. It also allows you to drink water (remember to stay hydrated), speak, and breathe without feeling like you need to take your mouthguard out.


Invest in Your Smile

Which would you rather pay for, a mouthguard today or a tooth replacement tomorrow?

Wearing a mouthguard isn’t going to stop an accident from happening, just like wearing a seatbelt won’t stop you from being in a car accident. However, wearing a mouthguard — much like wearing a seatbelt — can minimize the extent of your injuries if you ever were in such an accident.

Getting a custom-made mouthguard at our Plainville, CT office could save you from a much, much bigger expense down the road. To learn more about our mouthguards or to get them for all the athletes in your family, fill out our online form or call (860) 479-2397 to request an appointment.



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