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Is Snap-On Smile Appliance Right For Me?

  • June 11, 2018

Most of us wouldn’t dream of making a big purchase without “trying it on” first. In the “Say Yes to the Dress” TV show, brides-to-be spend an hour or more with consultants at a bridal salon who help her envision what a gown will look and feel like on her Big Day.

It’s hard to imagine how cosmetic dental treatments can change your smile. Dentists sometimes share a wax-up, a cast of your mouth taken in wax that shows what your new smile will look like. You can’t actually wear the wax-up. It tends to be more useful for the dentist than the patient, as it shows where modifications are needed to maintain a good bite.

What if you could try on a new smile before you invest the time and money to achieve it? With a Snap-On Smile®  appliance, you can. Snap-On Smile is a removable appliance made of thin yet sturdy resin. It fits snugly over your own teeth to cover flaws like stained, crowded, worn-down, or even missing teeth.

Wearing it lets you see what smile improvements will look like, so you can decide whether to invest in a more permanent smile fix. If you want a stunning smile for a special occasion like a family wedding but don’t have time for months of dental work, you can get a Snap-On Smile appliance in about a month. It can also be a more comfortable alternative to a removable partial denture.

Some of our patients like it so much, they end up keeping it as a longer-term solution!

Dr. Thomas Peltzer is happy to discuss a Snap-On Smile appliance with you in our Plainville, CT dentist office. He’ll review other possible smile solutions with you as well, so you can make an informed decision. Call 860-479-2397 to schedule a smile consultation.

In the meantime, we’ve got answers for some of your questions.

Who Makes Snap-On-Smile and How Do I Get It?

The same company that makes a variety of other dental products, including Lumineers veneers, makes the lightweight appliance. It’s made of thin but strong resin. You can wear it over your upper or lower teeth.

Dr. Peltzer will take impressions of your teeth, discuss shade and shape options with you, then send the information to the special lab where the appliance is made. You’ll return to our office for a fitting, where Dr. Peltzer will make any needed adjustments. He’ll also show you how to insert it and how to take care of it.

How Long Will Snap-On Smile Appliance Last?

With proper care, the appliance should last several years. You can expect it to last about as long as partial dentures or a night guard worn for problems like teeth grinding. It includes a one-year warranty that covers issues with material and workmanship. You can also choose to purchase an extended warranty.

Does It Require Special Care?

To keep it clean, you soak the Snap-On Smile appliance in a special solution for about 15 minutes a day. You’ll also put a drop of antibiotic solution into each “pocket” of the appliance before inserting it. Don’t use regular toothpastes or denture cleaners, as they could damage it. To avoid breakage, you’ll want to be careful when inserting and removing it. You should keep it in a case when not wearing it.

Can Anyone Wear a Snap-On Smile Appliance?

Most people can wear Snap-On Smile. There are a few exceptions: those who are prone to gum disease, those with protruding front teeth, and those who don’t have enough tooth structure to support the appliance.

What Are Snap-On Smile Advantages?

The key advantages of a Snap-On Smile appliance include:

  • Unlike many cosmetic dental treatments, it is totally reversible. Your teeth aren’t modified to prepare them for the appliance.
  • It shouldn’t affect your diet. Other than gum and very sticky or difficult-to-chew foods, you can wear Snap-On Smile during meals.
  • It saves you both time and money when compared to treatments like Invisalign, dental implants, or dental veneers.
  • It can conceal lots of flaws, including crooked teeth, crowded teeth, stained teeth, worn-down teeth, and gaps.

Are There Downsides?

Snap-On Smile isn’t designed to be a permanent solution. It won’t actually straighten your crooked teeth or replace missing teeth. For a lasting fix, you’ll need to talk to Dr. Peltzer about options like Invisalign or dental implants.

Visit our Plainville, CT dentist office to find out more about a Snap-On Smile appliance. Call 860-479-2397 for an appointment.


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