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Keep Looking Your Best With Same-Day Smile

  • February 1, 2016

We can do some outstanding things for our patients because of the constant improvements in modern dentistry.

This includes something that we call Same-Day Smile at our dentist office in Plainville, CT. In one day, we can completely transform the appearance of your mouth.

For some patients, this could involve a simple procedure, but for others, we may use a combination of treatments to dramatically improve their smiles and (in many cases) their confidence.

At Gentle Dental Care, we want you to live a happy and healthy life. We know that being able to smile with confidence and being able to eat all the foods that you enjoy makes life a lot easier.

Why Do We Offer Same-Day Smile?

Full-mouth reconstruction is more common than many people may realize. With dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, and dentures, dentists can fix any number of problems, including complete loss of your teeth.

Some procedures require multiple visits to the dentist office. In the meantime, you may be forced to live with missing teeth. This can make it embarrassing to smile or even talk in front of another person. It also can make it difficult to eat and therefore to enjoy your meals.

We understand that concern, which is why we offer multiple ways to provide you with temporary replacements for your teeth. You will not have to have live with empty spaces or an empty mouth.

What Are Examples Of Restorative Dentistry?

We will start with a simple procedure and end with more complex ones.

If you have a cavity or you had one but would like to replace a worn down or old filling, we offer tooth-colored fillings in our office. These can be placed in a single visit, and unlike metal fillings, they will leave your teeth looking like, well, teeth.

Dental crowns are another way we can replace a tooth that is damaged, discolored, or decayed. Crowns are a cap that we place over your tooth to improve its appearance.

Dental crowns can be placed over a tooth that has been reshaped into an abutment to preserve as much of the healthy tooth as possible. Crowns also can be placed over a tooth that needed a root canal procedure, or they can be added to dental implants if you are replacing a missing tooth or a tooth that needed to be removed.

Dental bridges are similar to dental crowns, except bridges are used to replace multiple teeth at the same time.

Dental implants are replacements for the roots of teeth that have been lost or need to be removed. Implants are placed into your jaw and provide a foundation for dental crowns, bridges, or dentures.

How We Can Preserve Your Smile?

Some restorative procedures require more than one appointment to complete. For example, if you needed a dental crown, we would shape your tooth during one visit, and we would place an order for a custom-made dental crown that matches the color and length of your adjacent teeth.

In the meantime, we would place a temporary crown for you. You would leave our office looking like you have a full set of teeth and with the ability to chew your food.

For a more extreme example, let’s say you have lost some of your teeth due to poor dental hygiene, and the remaining teeth are too unhealthy to save.

With a little coordination and planning, we can prepare to place a series of dental implants in your mouth on the same day that your teeth are extracted. During that same visit, we may be able to place a set of implant-supported dentures to restore the appearance of a full set of teeth. As you heal, you’ll be able to bite and chew your food with a comparable bite force to someone with a complete set of natural teeth.

Another option we offer is our Snap-On Smile service. We want to be clear that this should be seen as a temporary fix, not a permanent solution.

Sometimes people need to postpone a restorative or cosmetic procedure. If that happens, we can arrange to create a set of Snap-On Smiles, which are just what the name implies. These are like a set of dentures that fit over your teeth. This will change the appearance of your smile until you are able to complete your procedure.

Keep Smiling

We understand that you want your teeth to look their best. We also understand that this includes the short time between when you start a restorative treatment and when it is completed. With our Same-Day Smile, you won’t need to feel like something is missing or that you need to hide your mouth from other people.

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