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Keep Your Teeth Veneers Looking Terrific

  • September 10, 2018

Our patients are often surprised at the kind of smile transformation they can achieve with teeth veneers. When applied to the front surfaces of your teeth, they can hide numerous flaws, including chips, stains, small gaps, misshapen teeth, or worn-down teeth.

You’ll want to take good care of your teeth veneers so they look great as long as possible. Fortunately, that’s not tough to do. Our Plainville, CT dentist uses durable e.max veneers, which are made of high-quality porcelain or ceramic. They should last for many years with proper care. You can expect to wear them for at least a decade.

Dr. Thomas Peltzer will advise you on how to care for your veneers so they’ll last a long time. We’re also sharing some care tips here.

Make Sure Your Smile Is Suited to Teeth Veneers

We will help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for teeth veneers. Call 860-479-2397 for a consultation with Dr. Peltzer. While most people are good candidates, there are a few exceptions:

  • Your tooth structure is compromised. If much of your tooth structure is gone or you’ve got very large dental fillings, a dental crown may be a better option for you.
  • You’re missing lots of tooth enamel. Similarly, a lack of enamel makes it tough to attach veneers to your teeth. Again, a dental crown is likely a more appropriate choice.
  • You’ve got major misalignment. A veneer can hide teeth with minor alignment issues, but Dr. Peltzer will likely suggest orthodontic treatment for teeth with more serious alignment problems.

Get the Look You Want With Veneers

Dr. Peltzer will work with you to select the material for your teeth veneers, porcelain or ceramic. He’ll also help you select the shade and dimensions that will help you get the smile you want. Many people like to use veneers to get a whiter smile. If you want a brighter grin, get a whitening treatment before you get your veneers. Then we can match your veneers to your whiter shade for the best results.

Protect Your Teeth Veneers From Dental Damage

Though teeth veneers are durable, they aren’t indestructible. It’s important to avoid behaviors that can damage your veneers. Remember:

  • DON’T chew on hard objects like ice or popcorn kernels.
  • DON’T use teeth to open containers or for similar tasks.
  • DO get an athletic mouthguard to protect teeth if you participate in sports, especially if your sport involves a ball. Dr. Peltzer can fit you for a custom mouthguard made using impressions of your teeth.
  • DO get a night guard if you grind your teeth in your sleep. This habit can badly damage teeth, with or without veneers.

Brush Carefully to Keep Your Veneers Looking Good

Brush twice a day and floss regularly. It’s best to use a toothbrush and toothpaste that won’t be too hard on your teeth veneers. For toothpaste, the less abrasive the better. We recommend using a gel product. Avoid toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide and/or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), since they can damage the surface of your veneers over time.

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid scratching your veneers. (In fact, you should always use a soft toothbrush. It’s better for your teeth, even if you don’t have veneers!) If possible, also rinse your mouth after consuming coffee or other foods or drinks that can stain your veneers.  

Don’t Skip Your Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are even more important when you have dental veneers or other restorations.  Our professional cleanings will help keep them looking good. Plus, Dr. Peltzer can often fix such minor issues as small chips or deterioration in the bond between your veneers and your teeth. Plan to visit us for at least two dental cleanings and exams a year.

If you’d like to find out more about teeth veneers, call Gentle Dental Care at 860-479-2397.



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