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Keep Your Gums In Tip Top Shape

  • December 15, 2015

Keep Your Gums In Tip Top Shape

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Besides preventive care, we also try to keep our patients current on all the oral health-related information they will need to keep their mouths healthy and free of disease.

With a new year approaching, we think it would be an appropriate resolution to decide to pay more attention to your gums. They don’t get the sort of centered focus that our teeth get, even though they are just as important in the grand scheme.

Gum Disease Can Sneak Up On You

In our experience, gum disease is an extremely common issue that, in its early stages, is not something that you will likely be able to detect on your own.

It starts out as gingivitis, and at that stage it will mildly irritate your soft tissues. This infection stems from plaque or tartar that is missed by your brushing and left to cause trouble in your mouth.

While it is easily treated and the damage can be reversed at this point, it takes a professional eye, like that of your Gentle Dental Care dentist or hygienist, to spot it early on.

The following tenderness, bleeding, and swelling of your gums is sure to be easier to detect. Unfortunately, by that time, the infection has progressed into the second stage which is full-fledged periodontal disease. You definitely don’t want to experience that if you don’t have to.

Your Oral Health Is The First Thing Affected

It is a small distinction that gum disease actually affects your gums and the bone that supports your teeth, not the teeth themselves. Yet, you will feel your gums begin to pull away from your teeth as the bacteria weakens your gum tissue.

Even though your teeth may not be infected, they can still become loose enough to fall out because there will be nothing left to support them.

In fact, gum disease is the number one cause of adults losing teeth in this country.

Your Overall Wellness Will Be Next

Losing teeth from swollen bloody gums will not be fun. But that is not where the damage will end. The rest of your body will also suffer consequences from this infection if the infection gets into your bloodstream.

Studies have shown that the bacteria that causes gum disease is also linked with many life-threatening illnesses.

Heart Disease

Once gum disease bacteria begins making its way through your body, it can cause clots to form, lead to heart disease, and possibly result in a heart attack.


Gum disease is also linked with several forms of cancer including pancreatic cancer, which is generally caught late and difficult to treat.


We tell our diabetic patients to take extra special care of their teeth because gum disease can make it tough to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Once your blood sugar levels are out of sorts, your immune system gets out of whack, which allows gum disease to continue spreading throughout your body without much resistance.

Your Health Is In Your Hands

You have the power to change your fate! While there are some truly awful things that can result from gum disease, the nice thing is that all of these are preventable.

Honestly, if you are brushing and flossing diligently, and visiting our Plainville, CT dental office for a professional cleaning every three to six months, you won’t have much to worry about.

Our professional teeth cleanings can build on what you are doing at home to keep plaque and tartar from gaining a foothold. Plus, our intensive dental exams will allow us to detect signs of gum disease early enough to shut it down before it gets out of control

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Ready to take charge of your overall health? We can help you keep gum disease at bay in the new year!

If you suspect that you already have some level of gum disease and want to find an effective treatment, we can help with that, too!

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