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Keep Your Smile Looking Great At Any Age

  • March 26, 2016

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for younger patients. It’s also for the young at heart, too.

One of the inevitable facts of life is that as we get older, our bodies don’t work as well as they once did.

We can’t run as fast. We can’t jump as high. We aren’t as strong, and we need more time to recover, whether we have been doing work in the yard, exercising, or playing with our grandkids.

Like the rest of our bodies, our teeth show the signs of wear and tear as well.

Of course, we still want to look our best, and cosmetic dentistry is one of the ways we can do that. Just as you can dye your hair to preserve your color (or change it), you can do things for your teeth to keep your smile looking great.

Gentle Dental Care offers a variety of cosmetic services, and our dentist will be happy to discuss them with you at our office in Plainville, CT.

How Getting Older Affects Our Teeth

Even if you do everything you are supposed to do, you can’t stop the march of time. Brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings and examinations will keep your teeth healthy, but that doesn’t mean your teeth will look the same at 65 as they did when you were 25.

The longer we live — and therefore, the longer we have used our teeth — our teeth can become yellow or discolored. Our teeth can get worn down, and our teeth can get chipped.

Knowing these things can and do happen to our teeth, it’s understandable that you may want to do something to revive your smile as you get older.

We may not wear the same clothes we wore in our youth. We may not drive the same cars, but can have the same smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

Here are a few services can bring back your smile (and maybe make you feel a little younger).

► Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to improve your smile. It’s also one of the most popular cosmetic services.

If you really want to remove decades of stains from your teeth, then professional teeth whitening is the way to do it.

You’ve probably seen someone using a pressure washer to clean a driveway, parking lot, or side of a building, or you may have used a pressure washer yourself. In either case, you have seen how quickly it can remove years of accumulated dirt and grime.

Now, imagine trying to do that same job with a garden hose with a spray attachment on the end. Sure the attachment increases the pressure, but nothing like a pressure washer. You could do the same job with the garden hose. It would just take a lot longer to finish.

Professional teeth whitening products are like that pressure washer for your teeth. They can remove your stains with less effort and in less time.

Commercial whitening products (like you’ll find at the grocery store) are more like your garden hose with the spray attachment. They can improve your smile … eventually, if you use them long enough.

► Veneers

Your diet affects your health, and it affects your teeth. If you eat a lot of hard, crunchy foods, if you have a habit of chewing ice (which we would discourage you from doing), then you may be damaging your teeth one piece at a time.

After years or decades of doing those things, you may have worn away parts of your teeth. In a way, it’s like using a tool over and over again. A hammer that you have used for the past 20 years is not going to look the same as it did on the day you bought it.

Our teeth don’t regrow like our fingernails or our hair (or like our hair used to), so we can’t just wait for them to come back. We can be proactive, however, and restore our teeth with veneers.

Veneers are a kind of shell that we can bond to the front of your teeth. They can be used to correct any number of issues, including worn down teeth, either to transform our smiles into something better than they’ve ever been or to restore our smiles to what they once were.

► Tooth Bonding

Sometimes all it takes is one tooth to change your smile. A single chipped or broken tooth can turn your smile from something you proudly shared to something you want to hide.

Veneers would work in this situation, but getting a full set of veneers to repair one problematic tooth might seem like overkill.

Instead, you can try tooth bonding. This involves applying a tooth-colored resin to your chipped tooth. This resin can be used to rebuild your tooth to its original shape.

The bonding material will be sculpted, hardened, smoothed, and polished so it will look like the rest of your natural teeth. And your smile will be as good as new.

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