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We Love Dental Implants, And You Will Too

  • May 24, 2017

If you are struggling to get on with your life following tooth loss as an adult, we can help by setting you up with a dental implants procedure at our Plainville, CT dentist’s office. In fact, as far as restorative dentistry goes, our own Dr. Peltzer is the go-to guy in the Central Connecticut region.

Today we want to talk a little bit about why we love dental implants, and why we are so confident that you will too! You see, dental implants are much more stable and natural-looking than bridges, and they eliminate the instability issues associated with dentures. No slipping and sliding with these!

Plus, they also help preserve your healthy tooth structure because there’s no need for us to file down healthy teeth in order to place your implants.

Keep reading to hear more about this life-changing, smile-enhancing treatment and then be sure to follow up with us to arrange for your dental implant consultation at Gentle Dental Care.

We Make It Easy To Take Back Your Life

You don’t have to worry, this simple surgical procedure just involves a quick two-step process. Here’s the lowdown: your implant will first be inserted and allowed to fuse with your bone. This will mimic the function of your root.

Once sufficient healing has happened, a dental crown will be placed during your second visit to our office. This is the part that will look like the top of your natural teeth.

Implants Will Boost Your Appearance

With empty slots where teeth used to be your smile will suffer. And when your cheeks collapse, it will make you look older than you actually are. Fortunately, the crown we place over the implant will look and feel completely natural, it will give you a fuller smile and facial support. You will look amazing and as such you will soon have more confidence too!

Dental Implants Feel Like The Real Thing

Artificial teeth used to leave much to be desired. But times have changed. And nothing will be as easy or as comfortable as a dental implant. Our implant and crown combination feels so much like your natural teeth that you’ll soon forget that they aren’t the real thing.

Implants Open Up More Menu Options

After the procedure is finished, you will once again have real biting power. This means that you can go back to eating the foods you love, and the fiber-rich stuff that keeps you healthy and feeling good.

Implants Are Easy To Care For

To care for your implants, you just brush your “teeth” twice a day and floss like you normally would, and then come into our office for regular 3-6 month checkups to make sure your teeth and gums remain healthy. That’s all there is to it!

There Are Multiple Implant Options

There are several options that we can pursue (besides individual implants) when more than one of your teeth are missing…

All-on-4: an upper or lower arch of replacement teeth are attached to four implants.

All-on-6: an upper or lower arch of replacement teeth are attached to six implants.

Implant-retained dentures: removable dentures that snap onto an implant-supported bar or are connected by balls and sockets.

Implant-supported dentures: permanent full or partial dentures secured to several implants.

Fixed bridge: two or more implants supporting a few teeth to permanently fill a gap left by missing teeth.

Learn More, Get Started!

Call us today to set-up your implant consultation in central Connecticut at 860-479-2397. Our smile specialist, Dr. Thomas Peltzer, is a member of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and has had extensive experience surgically placing dental implants as well as restoring implants with crowns, bridges, and implant-retained dentures. So, you can trust that your mouth will be in good hands with us!


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