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Love Your Smile This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

  • July 12, 2018

With just a few short weeks into the summer season, you’ve probably been to at least one graduation party or neighborhood barbecue.

If you spent even a moment of your time feeling insecure about the way your teeth look, then don’t let another summer day go by without exploring cosmetic dentistry at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT!

Love Your Smile This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry

From teeth stains to worn, uneven, and even cracked teeth, you’ll find the right cosmetic treatment to correct the things you don’t like about your smile.

Here are just three cosmetic solutions that will give you a smile you’ll love this summer!

*Veneers Give You A Standout Smile*

If you’re ready to remake your smile, look no further than dental veneers!

Make your smile standout with these wafer-thin shells that mask misshapen, stained, uneven teeth. Veneers resemble the same translucent quality of tooth enamel and are custom-made so that they sit flush with your gumline, giving you a stunning, sophisticated smile that looks completely natural.

Another great feature of this cosmetic option is that they give you similar results to orthodontic treatment, hiding gaps and poorly-positioned teeth.

Dental veneers last for years, resisting stains and protecting your teeth all the while. You’ll fall in love with your smile the moment you gaze upon it when your treatment is complete!

*Bonding Gives Your Smile A Fresh Start*

It’s easier to give your smile a fresh start than you might think.

Sure, dental veneers will certainly do the trick.

But perhaps the imperfections with your smile wouldn’t warrant going that far.

A small gap here, a rough edge there… these are the kinds of flaws you can conceal quickly and easily with tooth bonding.

A composite resin is used to fill in the surface ridges, reshape trouble teeth, and restore the youthful glow of your smile.

*A White Smile Is Simple & Stunning*

Your teeth are straight, nicely-shaped, and relatively free of cosmetic flaws.

But still, you’re disappointed in your lackluster smile.

Keep things simple with professional teeth whitening at Gentle Dental Care!

With our convenient, affordable whitening options in Plainville, CT, you can make your smile brighter and more stunning in time for your next social gathering. Teeth whitening treatment is a hassle-free solution for a dull, dingy smile so you can arrive in style and feel just as great as you look!

Call For A Consultation

Just as quickly as it began, summer will end before you know it.

That’s why you should get started on cosmetic dentistry now!

With our selection of smile solutions at Gentle Dental Care, you’ll find the treatment that suits your needs and your budget.

It’s not too late to arrive in style at your special events this summer with a smile you, and everyone else, will love!

Call our Plainville, CT dental office today at 860-479-2397 or contact us online to schedule a cosmetic consultation.



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