Nothing To Fear At This Dentist’s Office!

Nothing To Fear At This Dentist’s Office!

  • April 29, 2016

Welcome to the final April edition of the Gentle Dental Care blog! We put a lot of thought into what to call our practice, since a name can evoke so much. Since our mission is inclusive and our approach really is gentle, well, it just made sense to label ourselves as such. And you can trust that there is nothing to fear about this Plainville, CT dentist’s office.

Here at Gentle Dental Care, we do just about everything. We provide preventative teeth cleanings and exams, cosmetic dentistry, dental implant surgery, and a whole lot besides.

But regardless of what kind of service you are seeking, the important thing to remember is that we also offer sedation dentistry. This is to make it easier on all you folks who get anxious about visiting the dentist for whatever reason.

There’s No Shame In Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may want to hide out indefinitely. It might make you feel better in the short run. But you won’t be doing yourself any long term favors. That’s because at Gentle Dental Care, we have your best interests at heart. And by avoiding us, you are only putting yourself at more risk for health problems.

While you may be able to brush your teeth every day and floss and rinse and all that good stuff, you will still be lacking the additional care you need. Our professional cleanings can build on your good work at home and further rid your mouth of any lingering bacteria, tartar, and plaque that would otherwise cause some real damage.

Plus, letting us have a look around every six months or so will help us stay on top of any issues that might be developing in your mouth. Can’t you just look in the mirror and assess the situation. Not really!

Do you know how to go about screening yourself for oral cancer?

We didn’t think so. And that’s OK. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to keep you healthy and keep you from any unnecessary pain and expense down the road. We are on your side!

Beyond that, we want to make new memories for you. And that starts from the first time you call us on the phone. We make a real effort to be friendly because most anxiety is rooted in bad experiences.

Do you remember having a less than ideal dentistry experience at some time in your past? Did you have an unkind or demanding dentist as a child? Perhaps you have gone through a traumatic dental procedure without adequate numbing or pain relief.

Whatever has happened to you in the past, we want to make your future dental encounters much more positive with sedation dentistry. Why not give us a try?

See What Sedation Dentistry Can Do For You!

At Gentle Dental Care we are serious about restoring your oral health no matter how long you’ve been away from the dentist. Creating new memories by providing gentle, pain-free dental experiences for our patients is our top priority.

Please let us know how we can help put you at ease. We have nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation available to the right candidates.

Contact our Plainville, CT dental team today to schedule your next appointment.


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