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Orthodontic Treatment You Can’t See

  • January 6, 2016

Bill* and Ted* are working professional adults with crooked teeth. Both have decided they are going to do something about it this year, however. They want straight teeth as soon as possible.

Both Bill and Ted work in sales, and up until now their work has been good, but not excellent. Both of them are worried that their crooked teeth may be preventing them from bringing in new customers.

Bill called Gentle Dental Care in Plainville. He spoke with Dr. Peltzer about clear orthodontic aligners, and he made an appointment to get started.

Ted called another dentist’s office. That dentist doesn’t offer clear aligners, so Ted is going to get traditional braces for his orthodontic treatment.

Let’s find out what could happen.

* These are not based on real people.

Getting Started

Both clear aligners and traditional braces can give Bill and Ted straight teeth. That much we already know, but how do they work?

Bill’s aligners were created by a computer to give him the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. When they come in, Bill was surprised and pleased to see that the aligners were a clear, plastic mouthpiece.

He’s actually a little surprised by how simple they are, too. All he has to do is wear his aligners for 22 hours each day to get the maximum benefit.

Every two weeks or so, Bill replaces his plastic aligners with a new one. From what he was told, the aligners gently push his teeth a little bit closer to their final, straight position.

Ted’s metal brackets were attached to his teeth, and a wire was put in place to connect them. They are a little tight, and he knows he’ll be coming back to the dentist about once a month to have his braces adjusted.

He understands that he may feel a little uncomfortable after each adjustment, but he figures it’s a small price to pay to get straight teeth.

Daily Life

After a few months, Bill is happier with his decision to get clear aligners than he could have imagined. He can already tell that they are starting to work, too.

He took a before picture on the day of his first appointment at Gentle Dental Care, and he’s taken a new picture each time he has switched aligners.

Because he can take out his aligners for two hours each day, he’s been able to eat anything he wants. When he’s done, he can brush his teeth just like he always has before putting his aligner back in his mouth.

Ted has had some trouble adjusting to his braces. During the first few weeks, they felt like they were scratching the inside of his mouth.

He went out to eat with his friends for lunch at that great Mexican restaurant. When he reached for a tortilla chip, one of his pals reminded him that he shouldn’t be eating them because of his braces.

That’s right, Ted remembered. That also means he’ll have to get something other than his usual order.

After they get done eating, Ted heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He’s been doing a good job remembering to brush every time he eats. Flossing is a little tricky, however. He isn’t sure he’s doing it right, either, but he’s trying.

Six months into wearing his clear aligners, Bill realized something else. His co-workers knew that he was getting orthodontic treatment, but not one client has seemed to notice his clear plastic aligners.

He’s become less self-conscious about his treatment, and the last two months are the best he’s had at work.

On the other hand, Ted has had to take time out of many sales meetings to explain his braces, after he saw several clients staring at his mouth. He doesn’t think it’s cost him any sales, but he has noticed he’s not as enthusiastic when this happens.

After a year, Bill is taking off his last aligner. His teeth look great. Now all he has to do is wear a retainer for a short time, and his teeth will stay in their straight position.

Ted has learned that his orthodontic treatment is going well, too. Everything is coming along nicely. In just one more year, his dentist said he should able to take his braces off.

Pick Your Side

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for your teeth, would you rather have a year like Bill or two years like Ted? Clear plastic aligners are simple, effective and often faster than traditional braces.

Clear aligners won’t work for every problem, but, like Bill, you may be surprised by how much they can do. To learn more, call Gentle Dental Care in Plainville at 860-479-2397 or use our online form to make an appointment.


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