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Rebuild Your Mouth To Rebuild Your Life

  • January 16, 2016

People often think of dentists fixing problems with teeth. Our knowledge and training goes far beyond just keeping teeth clean and straightening them, however.

Dentists can do full-mouth reconstructions when needed. You may need this service for many reasons. You may have problems smiling and chewing food. You may have limited function of your mouth or frequent discomfort in your teeth and gums.

Full-mouth reconstruction is more complex than a standard cleaning, but it is well within our abilities at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville.

And if you need this service, we are here for you.

Why You May Need Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Patients who need this usually come for a few reasons.

Some patients had previous dental work done, but that has now failed.

Maybe they got dentures or dental bridges that are no longer reliable. Maybe they had orthodontic work but they did not follow their dentist or orthodontist’s instructions. Now, their teeth have drifted out of position.

Either of these could affect their bite. That may result in discomfort or difficulty eating foods they once enjoyed.

Another reason that people need full-mouth reconstruction is because they have avoided the dentist for years or decades.

A lot can happen to your mouth when you haven’t been to the dentist. Tooth decay can cause your teeth to become weak and fall out. Gum disease can leave your teeth feeling loose, which may prevent you from biting and chewing effectively

Tooth loss changes the alignment of your teeth and can affect your ability to speak. This can make it difficult to say certain words and sounds, and that can be particularly embarrassing for an adult.

Does Full-Mouth Reconstruction Hurt?

A better question might be how much will you be hurting without reconstruction.

Think about the situations we described above.

For the patient with a loose bridge, every bite could become an adventure. Will your bridge stay in, or will it slip out of position?

You may enjoy adventures at the movies, but that doesn’t mean you want it during our meals.

Patients with old dentures face a similar dilemma. That person’s dentures could come loose in the middle of a conversation, a business transaction, or a phone call.

The patients who have put off dental care may have teeth that could fall out at any moment. When you were a kid, you probably thought it was interesting when one of your baby teeth wiggled around in its socket. (The visits from the tooth fairy didn’t hurt either.)

As an adult, a wiggly tooth can leave your smile looking disfigured. And try to imagine how you would feel if a tooth fell out when you were dining with your family and friends. 

What Happens During Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

That will depend on your individual needs, but it could involve a number of procedures.

We will start by examining your mouth, taking X-rays, and reviewing your medical history. Once we understand your situation, we may do any combination of the following procedures:

• Tooth extractions — If your remaining teeth are too unhealthy to be saved, then your best best may be to have them removed completely.

• Dental implants — You should replace any teeth that are missing or have been removed. Dental implants are a stable, secure replacement for the roots of your teeth. The also provide the support needed to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or a complete arch of teeth.

• Dental bridges or implant-supported dentures — If you do need to replace several teeth or a complete arch of teeth, we can place your dental bridge or dentures onto your dental implants. This can restore the appearance of a full set of teeth along with the bite force to eat anything you like.

• Gum grafting or reshaping — You may need additional gum tissue in a particular part of your mouth, or you may need gum tissue removed. In either case, we have the training, equipment, and experience to do this for you.

Other procedures might include bone grafts, orthodontics, gum disease treatments, root canals, and veneers.

Because full-mouth reconstruction can be complicated, we also provide sedation dentistry so you won’t feel anything during your procedures. This includes IV sedation, which can only be administered by a licensed professional. This ensures that our sedation dentistry is safe and effective.

Saving Your Smile

Oral health issues and tooth loss are both embarrassing and hurt your quality of life. Lots of people love mashed potatoes, pudding, and apple sauce, but that doesn’t mean they only want soft, mushy foods for the rest of their lives.

Don’t let your problem get any worse, or better yet, don’t let it start. Come to our dentist office in Plainville for the preventive care you need to avoid the situations we described above.

If you are in one of those situations, however, don’t put off what you know needs to be done any longer. Call Gentle Dental Care at 860-479-2397 or use our online form to make an appointment today.


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