Root Canals Can Make You Feel Better

Root Canals Can Make You Feel Better

  • September 2, 2016

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Here’s a common situation we counter in our Plainville, CT dental practice: you have a toothache, and it hurts real bad. But you’ve been putting off treatment because you are hoping that the pain will just go away on its own or that you will eventually get used to it. But eventually you get to a point where you just can’t take it any longer. Something has to be done. And since we have a reputation for providing gentle dental care (it’s in our name, after all) you decide to see if we can do anything about it.

That’s great. We love to help folks work through such difficulties and get them smiling again. But the thing is that usually by this point, you will already have developed an infection inside your tooth. That is never good.

You are in so much pain and discomfort because the pulp inside your tooth, which is where your nerves are housed, has become inflamed. One of your best options is a root canal, but you have been prejudiced by what you have heard about this procedure and you are afraid that it will hurt worse than what you already have to deal with.

Honestly, instead of worrying about the imagined pain of a root canal, you should be fixated on alleviating your current agony and getting your health back on track.

If you can relate to the scenario we just described, it might be time for you to explore a pain-free root canal procedure from Dr. Peltzer and the rest of our team.

Keep reading, and then be sure to follow up with us to schedule your consultation in our Central Connecticut dentist’s office.

The Pain Won’t End Without Action On Your Part

Odds are that your toothache is keeping you from eating, drinking, and concentrating on your daily work. All you can think about is the pain. Well, we are here to tell you that the problem won’t just solve itself.

Why A Root Canal Treatment Makes Sense

The root canal is an opening that runs through the root of your tooth. This opening is how blood vessels and nerves reach the pulp chamber at the center of each tooth.

Tooth decay can eat away at the outside of your tooth for a long time. You may not feel it and you may not notice it until that infection reaches the innermost parts of your tooth.
It’s only when your pulp becomes inflamed that you will feel that painful toothache. But boy will you feel it then!

Bad breath, a foul taste inside your mouth, fever, swollen gums, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks are all part and parcel of this condition.

Will A Root Canal Treatments Hurt?

No! Like we said, we call our practice Gentle Dental Care for a reason. In the event that you need a root canal, the first thing we will do is use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the tissues around it. Plus, we offer three types of sedation dentistry to ensure that you won’t feel a thing.

Don’t worry, we won’t start the procedure until you are completely numb and comfortably sedated. And you will thank us when we are through.

Let Us Save Your Smile!

We hope you have been inspired by today’s post to take action. A root canal treatment can help save a tooth and the health of your smile.

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