Short-Term Clear Braces Are Easy

Short-Term Clear Braces Are Easy

  • September 5, 2016

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As such, if you are an adult living with crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, we can help straighten things out for you the easy way: with short-term clear braces. Keep reading to learn more, and then be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your orthodontic consultation in Plainville.

Clear Aligners Are Something Different

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way. Our modern system uses only clear, plastic aligners to get the job done in way that was unthinkable not too many years ago.

One of the biggest advantages for self-conscious teens and for working professionals is that clear aligners really are clear. When you are wearing the transparent aligners, the outside world will never know. As such, you can sidestep the awkward questions, comments, and nicknames that usually go along with braces.

Sounds great, right? But what can they do to help improve your smile situation?

Can Plastic Aligners Really Help?

Truth be told, our short-term clear braces may not be able to correct the most severe alignment issues that are out there. But we are confident that they can effectively fix multiple sorts of dental problems, including: open bites, underbites, overbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gapped teeth. So, there is a lot that we can use these clear aligners for, if you are deemed to be a good candidate.

How Does The Treatment Work?

It starts with an evaluation. Dr. Peltzer and the rest of our team will first need to examine your situation carefully to determine if you aligners are the best solution for you. You’ll be in good hands because Dr. Peltzer is certified to do invisible orthodontic aligners (clear aligners) and has had great success rates with our patients.

If you are determined to be a good candidate for this solution, we will take the next step and make impressions of your teeth to send to the lab that will ultimately make your custom-fitted aligners.

Once they are ready, you will need to wear them most of the time, but you can remove them for a few hours each day. This makes eating more enjoyable and cleaning a breeze. Try doing that with metal braces!

Over the course of treatment, each aligner set will push your teeth gently along. You will just need to change the aligners out every couple weeks for the next set in the series. This eliminates the need for painful in-office adjustments.

When you are finished with your treatment, in only about 12 months time, you will have plenty to smile about!

Try The Easy Way Today!

Easy orthodontic care is here! And it won’t take 2-3 years to produce results!

If you live in our near our Plainville, CT, office contact us today to schedule your consultation. The Gentle Dental Care phone number is 860-479-2397! We can’t wait to get to work on a healthier, better-looking smile through the magic of short-term clear braces!


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