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Should Your Child Get a Custom Athletic Mouthguard? (Quiz)

  • June 1, 2018

You want your child to be safe from injury when playing a sport – and that includes dental injuries. So you might want to invest in a custom athletic mouthguard for him or her.

You may have purchased a mouthguard from a store or online for your athlete. But is he or she still wearing it? Those mouthguards, even “boil-and-bite” models, often just don’t fit well. Due to their discomfort, they become an annoyance. They might even cause your athlete to clench their teeth to keep them in place, a habit that can also cause dental damage over time.

Take this quiz to see if your child would benefit from a custom athletic mouthguard.

Dr. Thomas Peltzer will take teeth impressions and other measurements during a fitting in our Plainville, CT dentist office. Those measurements are used to create a custom athletic mouthguard that fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear. Dr. Peltzer also knows the appropriate amount of padding or other protection to include for your athlete’s sport. And a custom mouthguard will last longer than a store-bought model.

To schedule your fitting for a custom athletic mouthguard, call Gentle Dental Care at 860-479-2397.


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