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Stress-Free Dental Care With Dental Sedation [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • January 18, 2018

At Gentle Dental Care, we go the extra mile to make sure your time in the dental chair is comfortable and stress-free. That’s why when you visit our Plainville, CT office, you’re able to choose from three types of dental sedation.

Dental sedation involves the use of certain medications to relieve stress during your appointment. It can be extremely helpful for individuals suffering from intense dental anxiety or people undergoing lengthy dental procedures.

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about dental sedation at Gentle Dental Care. Then, give us a call at (860) 479-2397 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peltzer. He is a nationally recognized expert in the area of sedation dentistry. You’ll feel confident you’re receiving top-notch care!


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