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The Best Way To Address Missing Teeth

  • December 29, 2015

The Best Way To Address Missing Teeth

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With only a few days left in 2015, Gentle Dental Care is here to help you optimize your oral health. We have great solutions for a wide range of dentistry issues, including tooth loss as an adult.

Truth be told, everyone is at risk for having a tooth become dislodged. It can happen slowly as the result of gum disease or decay. But it can also happen when you least expect it: in a an accident like a wreck on the highway or a sports play gone awry. However it happens, it will be an intense situation in terms of both emotion and physical pain. And it will only get worse if you don’t find a workable treatment sooner than later.

Our team has found that the best (and only permanent) solution to missing teeth is our two-part procedure for installing dental implants (artificial teeth).

Implants Will Restore Your Look

If you ever lose teeth, it won’t be lost on any of the people around you. Every time you open your mouth to talk, laugh, or eat, the holes in your smile will be hard to miss. So too will be the caved-in cheeks that add unwanted years to your appearance.

You won’t feel or look like your old self. This will cause embarrassment and a decline in self-confidence. It won’t be good for your day to day existence, we assure you.

Fortunately, dental implants from your Plainville, CT dentist can quickly bring back your natural look, making you feel better and look younger.

Having A Full Set Of Teeth Has Health Benefits

Did you know that your body’s overall health and wellness is connected to having a healthy mouth, and we can often look in your mouth and see signs of current or emerging concerns elsewhere?

You may not have ever given it much thought, but one of the big benefits of having a full set of fully functioning teeth is that you can make healthy, fiber-rich foods a part of your regular diet.

Why is that so important?

It matters more than you can imagine because fiber is involved with regulating your blood sugar and keeping your heart healthy. It can keep strokes at bay, prevent weight gain and discourage hemorrhoids from appearing. Not having fiber is literally a pain in the rear!

All joking aside, you definitely want fiber in your life. The problem is that to effectively chew up fiber-rich foods, your teeth have to be there for you. When you are missing teeth, you will find this to be a nearly impossible task. As such, you will start to gravitate towards foods that are less healthy but more manageable to chew.

Eventually, your new habits will take their toll on your health and wellness.

Yet, there is hope! Dental implants from Gentle Dental Care can bring back your biting power and other functions that you took for granted when your teeth were all in-place.

What Do Implants Involve?

First of all, it is worth repeating that dental implants are the next best thing to real teeth!

Our implants integrate with your jawbone and essentially replace the tooth root with a titanium post. The goal is for the post to provide a foundation for a crown that will be placed on top (the crown is the part that looks like a tooth).

Final restorations will follow a few months later after sufficient healing and fusion take place in your jawbone.

Our dental implants do much more than fill the gaps created by missing teeth. They restore normalcy and health to your life. And with proper care and good oral hygiene practices, your dental implant from Gentle Dental Care can last the rest of your lifetime.

Take The First Step!

Our dental implants can work minor miracles. However, to be considered as a candidate for implants at Gentle Dental Care, you must be in relatively good health and free of chronic disease like diabetes.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling! We can’t wait to restore your life!


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