The Big Benefits Of Short-Term Orthodontics!

The Big Benefits Of Short-Term Orthodontics!

  • May 12, 2016

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The question of the day is: are you finally ready to transform your rag-tag collection of crooked, overcrowded, or gapped teeth into something more appealing?

Don’t tell us that you are too old for braces, because we’ve heard that one before and it is not a valid objection.

We can assure you that your window of opportunity for orthodontic treatment has not passed just because you are well past your adolescent period now. In our view, you are never too old to get a better smile, and we can make it happen in a lot less time than you might think. Oh, and there won’t be any metal required.

How do we make it happen?

Well, it just so happens that our central Connecticut practice is certified to place invisible orthodontic aligners (aka clear aligners). And plenty of our patients have had real success correcting alignment and bite problems through this forward-looking program of adult orthodontics.

Clear Plastic Aligners Vs. Clunky Metal Brackets And Wires

There are so many things that you will appreciate about this smile-transformation system. Our orthodontic aligners are actually a series of custom-made soft plastic retainers that slip directly over your teeth for a comfortable fit throughout your treatment. There won’t be any bleeding or mouth sores along the way!

How Do These Aligners Move Your Teeth Into Position?

After you have been deemed to be a suitable candidate for clear aligners at Gentle Dental Care, Dr. Peltzer will do a complete workup and diagnosis of your alignment and bite problems, and prescribe a series of clear aligners to correct and straighten your teeth.

Here’s how it happens: each aligner tightly molds to your teeth, exerting gradual pressure to shift and rotate your teeth into alignment.

Big Advantages

You will need to wear your aligners most of each day for several weeks at a stretch, and then start another one to keep the process moving forward. The nice thing is that you can do this on your own, so there is no need for monthly in-office adjustments like old-school braces would require.

But, get this: you can take your clear aligners out for eating and cleaning purposes, which makes for a much more pleasant experience than treatments involving metal hardware. It also eliminates the need for special tools and dietary restrictions.

The best part is that the total treatment time should take somewhere between 10 and 20 months, depending on the severity of your issues. It used to take 2-3 years! And no one will need to know about the improvement project in your mouth until the process is complete and you emerge with a stunning new smile.

Can Clear Orthodontic Aligners Work For You?

We hope so! But you will need to schedule a consultation with our central Connecticut crew. Our orthodontic aligners are extremely effective for folks with minor crowding, gaps between their teeth, and mild alignment problems.

Together we’ll figure out if they are the best fit for your current needs and budget.

Our little disclaimer: patients who have severe alignment and bite problems, or have very wide spaces between their teeth, would probably benefit from a more complex treatment with traditional orthodontics.

Make It Happen!

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