The Right Root Canal Treatment For You In Plainville, CT

The Right Root Canal Treatment For You In Plainville, CT

  • October 10, 2016

Halloween is almost here. If you really want to scare someone, don’t yell, “Boo.” Just calmly say, “You need a root canal.”

We don’t ever say this with the intention of scaring anyone. In fact, root canal treatments can be painless procedures if you come to Gentle Dental Care. Our dentist office serves Plainville, CT, and the surrounding area.

Root canal treatments have an undeserved reputation.

Much of what you may have heard is more myth than reality, and the way root canals are portrayed in movies is quite different than what you’ll find at our office.

Schedule a consultation with our Dr. Peltzer to find out the truth about our approach to root canal treatments.

Why You Would Need A Root Canal Treatment

What most people refer to as a root canal is actually a root canal treatment.

The root canals are openings in the roots of your teeth where nerves as blood vessels enter your teeth to reach the pulp chambers. Pulp is a soft connective tissue at the center of your teeth.

Root canal treatments are necessary when bacteria reaches the pulp. This cause the pulp to become infected, which can lead to inflammation. And that can be quite painful.

You will find that pain, unfortunately, is a common symptom in infected teeth. Here are the signs that you may need a root canal treatment:

➤ Your tooth feels more sensitive to heat, cold, or sweets.
➤ It hurts when you bite or chew with that tooth.
➤ Your tooth is darker or discolored.
➤ Your gums are swollen around the tooth.
➤ You have an abscess or cyst on your gums near that tooth.

Tooth infections develop as result of untreated tooth decay or gum disease. Either of those very treatable problems can allow bacteria to eat into your teeth. If bacteria eat deep enough, they will reach the soft pulp.

To prevent this, make appointments for regular cleanings and examinations at Gentle Dental Care if you live in or near Plainville, CT. If you see us regularly, we usually are able to treat the tooth decay or gum disease before it can cause a tooth infection.

What Happens During A Root Canal Treatment

Keeping our patients comfortable is one of our top priorities at our dentist office.
That’s not by accident. Dr. Peltzer had a bad dental experience himself when he was a child. That has driven him to want to provide treatments that are as painless as possible.

It’s why he pursued advanced training in anesthesia and sedation dentistry. It’s why he worked to earn a Fellowship in Dental Anesthesiology, through the Solis Surgical Arts Center sponsored by the faculty of the University of Southern California. Today Dr. Peltzer is one of the most skilled and best trained dental anesthesiologists in Connecticut.

If you call 860-479-2397 to schedule a treatment with us, you can expect professional care with an emphasis on keeping you pain-free throughout your root canal procedure.

By using local anesthetic and IV sedation, we can assure that you won’t feel anything. Dr. Peltzer will remove the pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels from your infected tooth. (You will need a friend or family member to take you home after your treatment due to the lingering effects of the sedation.)

He will then use special tools to clean and a special material to fill the empty space inside your tooth. A dental crown or dental filling will seal the tooth to restore its appearance and function.

After your procedure is over, Peltzer will provide you will instructions to reduce your risk of an infection and to help you recover more quickly.

Is A Root Canal Better Than An Extraction?

Most of the time, yes, a root canal treatment is the better option.

As dental professional, we know that it is better for you to keep as many of your teeth as you can for as long as possible.

Extracting a tooth can increase your risk of infection, and it can be detrimental to the health of your jaw.

Nevertheless, some teeth are so damaged by decay that they cannot be saved.

In those instances, we would recommend removing the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant and dental crown.
Hopefully, you won’t let any of your teeth get to this point, however.

How To Schedule A Root Canal Treatment

Call 860-479-2397 or contact our dentist office in Plainville, CT, right away if you notice the symptoms of an infected tooth.

We want to remove the infection as soon as possible, and there’s no better place than Gentle Dental Care for that procedure.


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