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Three Hidden Benefits Of Dental Sedation

  • December 8, 2017

You’re probably familiar with the use of dental sedation to minimize pain and stress during a dental procedure.

But did you know that the benefits of sedation dentistry — the use of medication to affect how you experience dental work — actually go beyond that?

Read on for some of the hidden benefits of dental sedation! Then, if you’re considering sedation for an upcoming dental procedure, consult with the experts at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT. Dr. Peltzer is one of the most highly trained and skilled sedation dentists in the state!

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1. Make Your Dental Work Fit Your Busy Schedule.


At Gentle Dental Care, we’ve discovered that CEOs and other businessmen and businesswomen enjoy dental sedation because it allows them to get all their dental work done in just one appointment.

If you have a busy schedule, dental sedation might be a great option for you. Perhaps you need a dental implant placed as well as a root canal on another tooth. Dental sedation allows us to complete all the work in one sitting while allowing you to have a comfortable experience.

At Gentle Dental Care, we offer three sedation options. Dr. Peltzer can help you decide which one best fits your needs.


  • Nitrous oxide. More commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” this more mild form of dental sedation helps you feel a sense of calm or euphoria throughout your procedure. You’ll simply inhale the nitrous oxide through a small mask we place over your nose, and you’ll quickly begin to feel its effects. The effects also go away almost immediately after your procedure is over, so you’ll be able to drive home afterward.
  • Oral conscious sedation. This form of sedation is administered in the form of a pill, which we prescribe for you and instruct you to take a certain amount of time before your procedure. Though its effects can vary from person to person, most patients say they feel relaxed and a bit drowsy under oral conscious sedation.
  • IV sedation. This is the deepest form of sedation we offer, and it’s the form of dental sedation we use most at Gentle Dental Care. It will make you feel as though you’re dreaming for the duration of your procedure, and you most likely won’t remember much about the dental work after it’s over. We’ll closely monitor your vital signs, breathing, and level of sedation throughout your appointment.



2. Provide Comfortable Care For Patients With Special Needs.


Dental sedation can be especially useful for treating patients with special needs, particularly those who find it challenging to sit still for extended periods of time or can become easily overwhelmed by a visit to the dentist’s office.

Dr. Peltzer has found that dental sedation has been especially helpful for ensuring patients on the autism spectrum have a pleasant experience.

Of course, there is a lot of diversity among the special needs population, so the best way to find out how dental sedation can help you or a loved one with special needs is to call our office and talk with our compassionate team.


3. It Helps Patients With A Severe Gag Reflex.


Have you ever gone in for a dental exam or procedure to find that once the work started, you couldn’t stop gagging? Sometimes, the reaction can be so severe that the work has to be cut short.

The gag reflex is actually built for our survival since it keeps us from choking and ingesting harmful substances. An extremely sensitive gag reflex, however, can be triggered by nervousness.

If you’ve been avoiding necessary dental work because of your gag reflex, dental sedation can help you relax. This will likely ease the sensitivity of your gag reflex and help you have a more pleasant experience at the dentist.

See How Dental Sedation Can Benefit You


Dental sedation is used for many reasons, from easing dental anxiety to helping busy people get the dental care they need. There’s only one way to find out how it can benefit you: Call the experts at Gentle Dental Care!

Dr. Peltzer goes to great lengths to ensure your safety and comfort when you choose dental sedation. And who knows? You might have such a pleasant, relaxing experience in our office that you’ll look forward to coming back.

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