Why Try Dental Crowns?

Why Try Dental Crowns?

  • September 3, 2016

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We are your trusted source for restorative dentistry solutions in the Central Connecticut area. As such, today we want to talk about an important component of a dental restoration: a crown.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire visible portion of the tooth, at and above the gumline. It is used to restore the size, shape, strength, and appearance of a tooth.

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What Do Dental Crowns Entail?

Simply put, dental crowns are an artificial replacement for the natural crowns of your teeth. If there has been damage to one or more of your teeth, a crown can help fix the problem.

Your dental crown will likely be made of porcelain, zirconium, or a combination of strong, lifelike materials. Trust us, they are built to last!

Your completed crown will help you eat the foods you love, and it will look like one of your natural teeth. Those are the things that most people care about when it comes to restorative dentistry

The Dental Crown Process

As with everything else that we do, we try to make this as easy as possible on our patients. That’s why preparing a tooth for a crown and placing the crown requires only two simple appointments.

The first step is where we will work on numbing your tooth and the surrounding tissue with a local anesthetic. We don’t want you to experience any pain or sensitivity during this procedure. We are the gentle dentists, after all! Your comfort is a top priority.

Then, we will make an impression of the tooth to be replaced. This impression is sent to the laboratory that will custom-design a crown that fits into the same space in your mouth.

Next we will reshape your tooth, leaving an abutment. Don’t worry, we will place a temporary crown on your abutment at the end of your initial appointment.

When your permanent crown is ready, we will remove your temporary crown. The completed dental crown will be bonded to your tooth, giving you the full function and appearance of a natural tooth. Then you will be good to go!

Just so you know, if your damage is too extensive for a filling but you do not want to compromise the structure of your tooth with a crown, Dr. Peltzer may recommend an inlay or onlay. These custom restorations, made of tooth-colored composite, cover and protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth. But we can figure out what makes the most sense for you during your consultation.

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