Wise Enough To Know When A Tooth Extraction Makes Sense!

Wise Enough To Know When A Tooth Extraction Makes Sense!

  • October 25, 2016

Did you ever wonder why we have wisdom teeth?

Thousands of years ago, they performed an important function: they helped early humans to more effectively chew and consume their food.

There weren’t any grocery stores and their diet didn’t include any of the processed foods that we eat. Our ancestors ate more nuts, roots, leaves, and wild meats than we do in the modern era. These days, we eat a softer diet, AND we have effective tools and utensils to help us cut our food into bite-sized pieces.

But, like we said, it was a much different situation back in the day. So, the extra set of molars gave our predecessors a bigger surface area to chew their food. In general, this extra surface area reduced the wear and tear on their teeth. So, it made sense that they were there.

Today, more often than not, when wisdom teeth come in, they only cause problems for you and, as such, will need to be removed. For example: when your wisdom teeth become impacted, threatening your oral health.

The good news is that, at Gentle Dental Care, we are wise enough to know when an extraction makes sense. Dr. Peltzer can remove your wisdom teeth before they become a real problem for you and your continued well-being. Keep reading to hear more about it, and then be sure to get in touch with our Plainville, CT dentist’s office to schedule your consultation.

What’s The Deal With Wisdom Teeth?

We have found that the majority of patients we see tend to get their third set of molars when they are teenagers. That said, some folks won’t get these troublesome teeth until they are in their college years. And they won’t do us much good whenever they come in.

Here’s the deal: over the centuries, our mouths have changed. While our wisdom teeth still try to come in, many people simply don’t have enough room for them. Multiple problems can result from these teeth poking through.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

If you would like to avoid pain, tooth decay, oral infections, gum disease, and cysts, the wise thing to do is let Dr. Peltzer remove your wisdom teeth.

The Extraction Process

In this day and age, wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure.

Our leader, Dr. Peltzer, has been removing teeth for quite some time now. He’s also completed advanced surgical courses and worked alongside oral surgeons to learn best practices for tooth removal. He has incorporated those practices into the procedures we use for our patients in Central Connecticut. So, you will always be in good hands with us.

Plus, when you come to our office to have your wisdom teeth removed, you will get the benefit of an experienced staff that knows how to help you relax. During your procedure, we will administer a local anesthetic or provide sedation so your experience will be pain free.

After your surgery, we will instruct on what to do as your mouth recovers. By following those directions, you will keep your mouth free from infections.

It’s also important that you take some time to rest following your procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is a type of surgery, and you should be prepared to take some time to recover afterwards.

Take The Next Step!

If you are ready to talk to Dr. Peltzer about wisdom teeth removal or impacted wisdom teeth, please call Gentle Dental Care in Plainville at 860-479-2397, or use our online form to schedule your appointment. We’ll make it easy!


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