Working Through Dental Anxiety In Plainville, CT

Working Through Dental Anxiety In Plainville, CT

  • April 14, 2016

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Where have you been hiding? If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from some level of dental anxiety (or a fear of the dentist), we can help you work through those fears and relax enough to get all the care you need to keep your health on-track.

When you are in the grips of such a condition, it takes a lot of courage to even explore the possibility of coming in to see your Plainville dentist. We get it! And we promise we won’t let you down by scolding you with lectures, or providing a generally unpleasant experience. That’s not how we roll. After all, we are the “gentle” dental care providers in this neck of the woods.

Dental Anxiety Must Be Addressed

Here’s the thing: it may be easier to go on avoiding us in the short run. But you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. That’s because our professional teeth cleanings can rid your mouth of any lingering bacteria, tartar, and plaque that could cause real problems for you down the road.

Beyond that, when we poke and prod your mouth every 3-6 months, it will allow us to stay on top of any emerging issues that appear.

Think about it: you probably couldn’t self-diagnose the early (and easily reversed) stages of gum disease, or see the tiny holes that decay creates initially. But by letting our team manage your care now, you can avoid root canals, extractions, and artificial replacements for your natural teeth.

Leave The Past Behind

Have you ever wonder how your anxiety developed? It could be that you have had an unpleasant dental experience as a child or a painful and prolonged procedure.

Well, even so, the good news is that our mission is to make better memories for you.

Sedation Dentistry Is Part Of Our Program

We will do whatever it takes to put you at ease. No matter what sort of dental procedure you are receiving at our office, we can relax you when you get here with nitrous oxide (aka “laughing gas”).

Your comfort level is no laughing matter, and we can assure you that this sedation method is a safe and accepted way of relaxing a mildly fearful patient.

Oral conscious sedation is another good option that takes it a little deeper. For this method, sedatives are delivered in pill form.

These pills are extremely effective for relaxing our patients.

More than that, our Gentle Dental Care office is also able to put your fears to rest by putting you to sleep with IV sedation.

You won’t remember much of your time here, and you will get the attention you deserve.

Are you ready to come see for yourself?

Take Back Your Health!

We are here to help you get your oral health back on-track. Please let us know what you are up against when you set-up your next visit. That way, we can make sure you are provided with everything you need to feel safe and relaxed.

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