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How You’ll Love Dental Implants! Let Us Count The Ways… [BLOG]

  • February 22, 2018

There’s something about holidays, especially one like Valentine’s Day, that bring to the forefront of your mind all the ways your life has been negatively impacted by tooth loss.

It reminds you of the intimacy you once had with the person you care about most, the self-imposed isolation you’ve come to accept, and the devastating blow to your confidence it’s caused.

Dental implants at Gentle Dental Care can turn it around so that next Valentine’s Day, you can join the fun feeling confident, looking great, and restoring the closeness with your sweetheart!

Count The Ways You’ll Love Life With Dental Implants

Do you miss all the delicious foods you used to enjoy?

Do you miss the intimacy with your spouse or partner you used to have?

Do you miss getting together with family and friends?

You deserve to live your life enjoying all the simple pleasures you once did, but tooth loss has robbed you of that.

Get it all back with dental implants at Gentle Dental Care!

With this tooth replacement method, you can have a stronger bite, easier maintenance, better health, and youthful, confident smile.

Let’s count some of the ways you’ll love your life with dental implants!

You’ll Love Caring For Them…

Rather than take your dentures out night after night to scrub them clean, dental implants stay put. That means you care for them just like you did before you were affected by tooth loss.

Daily brushing and flossing is all it takes to keep your teeth and gums clean.

You’ll Love Socializing Freely…

Missing teeth is embarrassing. As a result, you’ve probably retreated more and more on a social level.

Even times when you’re surrounded by family and close friends, whom you know care about you regardless and won’t judge you, can do little to shake those feelings of shame and insecurity.

Avoiding social situations may seem like the solution, but it’s human nature to long for a sense of connectedness. Isolating yourself isn’t a healthy, long-term solution.

Dental implants are secured in place, capped by a natural-looking restoration.

So not only will you have a complete, attractive smile, but you won’t have to worry yourself about the potentially embarrassing moments where your replacement teeth shift or slip while you’re talking to others.  

You’ll Love The Smile You Thought Was Lost…

One of the unfortunate cosmetic consequences of tooth loss is how it changes the shape of your face.

When you take out your removable dentures, for example, you instantly look years older because of sunken in cheeks and loose, wrinkled skin around your mouth and jawline.

Since dental implants act like an artificial tooth root, the tooth replacement that’s placed on top of it is locked in place. This fills out your face, allowing the integrity of the overall structure to remain youthful-looking and supple.

You’ll Love Your Renewed Health…

Perhaps the greatest advantage of dental implants over other forms of tooth replacement is their stability and what it means for your oral health.

Traditional dentures or crowns and bridges give you a complete smile, but they aren’t able to replicate real teeth quite the same as implants. They sit on top of your gums, which can cause irritation and discomfort.

This also doesn’t preserve your oral health because these methods don’t allow you to keep your gums and jawbone engaged.

Implants fuse to your bone and make it possible to chew and tear food, encouraging new bone growth and gum rejuvenation.

Call For A Dental Implant Consult!

It would take so much more than one blog to list all the ways you’ll love life with dental implants.

You can care for them easily.

You can socialize freely without stress, anxiety, or insecurity.

You can walk around feeling confident about your youthful smile.

And most of all, you’ll feel as healthy as you look.

The strength and stability of dental implants allow you to enjoy everything life has to offer without the limitations put on you by other types of tooth replacement.

With help from Dr. Peltzer and our highly-trained team at Gentle Dental Care, it is possible to love your smile and your life again.

Find out how by scheduling a consultation for implants in our Plainville, CT dental office.

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