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Your Comfort Is Our Crown-ing Achievement

  • January 1, 2016

At Gentle Dental Care, patient comfort is one of our top priorities. While this certainly affects the way we treat you when you visit our office, it also means we want you to feel comfortable when you leave.

If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth or you have weak, decayed, or missing teeth, that can make you uncomfortable in your day-to-day life. That’s also why we offer dental crowns and bridges among the many services to our patients in and around Plainville.

Crowns and bridges provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits for patients. This makes them two of the most useful products available in modern dentistry.

How You Can Get A Crown Or Bridge

Dental crowns are designed to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. Whether you need a replacement for one tooth or multiple teeth, dental crowns and bridges will do the job.

If you have a discolored tooth, a decayed tooth, a weak tooth, or a missing tooth, then dental crowns are an excellent fix.

Getting your crowns is a two-visit process.

After examining and making X-rays of your teeth, we will numb the tooth to be replaced. We reshape your tooth by filing away the discolored and decayed parts, leaving behind an abutment and the healthy root of that tooth.

Then we make an impression, which is a sent to a lab that designs a custom-made dental crown just for you. In the meantime, we place a temporary crown on your abutment.

When your dental crown is ready, you’ll return to our office. We will bond the crown directly to your tooth.

If you need multiple teeth replaced, we follow a similar procedure. The difference is we will make two abutments, one for each crown on the ends of your bridge.

Once your crown or bridge is cemented in place, you can eat, drink, and speak just like you do with your real teeth without worry that anything will come loose.

Why You May Want A Dental Crown Or Bridge

Let’s compare it to your current situation. If you have a discolored tooth or teeth, you would probably prefer that all your teeth were a similar color.

Normally, teeth stand out because they are darker than the teeth around them.

Maybe you have a habit of chewing your food in a particular place in your mouth. Maybe you smoke and always hold the cigarette in the same part of your mouth. Maybe you just don’t brush that tooth or those teeth as well as you do the rest of your mouth.

If you have teeth that are yellowed or have dark spots, then we can change that in two visits to our office. Dental crowns and bridges are designed to look like natural teeth, and more specifically, to look like your natural teeth.

Crowns and bridges also can be shaded so they blend in with your remaining healthy teeth instead of standing out.

If you have tooth decay, then you may be experiencing problems biting and chewing foods like nuts or steak. Your tooth or teeth may feel more sensitive to certain things like a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream.

When this happens, you may find that you lose your appetite because of the pain.

With a dental crown or bridge, you can fix your smile and your tooth sensitivity issues. This means you can bite into hard foods and grind up chewier foods without any more pain.

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, then you’ll appreciate both the improvements to the appearance of your smile and to your ability to eat the foods you love once again … after you receive your dental crown or bridge.

What Else Can Crowns And Bridges Do?

Helping you look your best and helping you eat again are the two biggest advantages of getting a dental crown or bridge.

But there are other benefits as well.

Any problem with your teeth can affect your confidence. By the same token, fixing that problem with a dental crown or bridge can restore your confidence.

Dental crowns and bridges also allow you to continue speaking normally. You don’t consider how your teeth affect your pronunciation until you lose one or more. Dental crowns and bridges allow you to keep speaking like yourself.

Last but not least, dental crowns and bridges provide support for your remaining healthy teeth. Throughout the day, your teeth are being pushed in small ways into one another.

When you lose a tooth, your remaining teeth also lose part of their support system. Dental crowns and bridges provide that support that was lost.

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