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Sedation Dentistry Helps You
Relax During Dental Visits

Do you tremble at the thought of the dentist? Have you been avoiding the dental office because you fear the sights, sounds, and smells? Dental patients have dealt with these problems for years, but at Gentle Dental Care, Dr. Thomas Peltzer has revolutionary ways for you to get the dental care you need. Without fear. Without anxiety. And without pain.

Don’t Allow Fear to Hold Your Smile Hostage

Dr. Peltzer does not ask patients to grit their teeth or squirm their way through dental appointments. He uses advanced sedation dentistry techniques like inhaled sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation to help patients receive safe and comfortable treatments. Sedation dentistry is the tool that dentists have been searching for to give patients a better dental experience. Dr. Peltzer has seen even the most fearful patients transform into some of his best patients with the help of sedation dentistry. Don’t let fear dictate the state of your mouth! You deserve a beautiful smile, and Dr. Peltzer is here to help you achieve that.