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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Service From Plainville, CT Dentist Office

Are you having trouble chewing? Are you embarrassed to smile? Are you afraid your teeth and mouth are in such bad condition they cannot be repaired? You need to know about our full-mouth reconstruction.

If you are losing hope that anything can be done to restore your teeth and make you smile, then you are a perfect candidate for full-mouth reconstruction in Plainville, CT. The truth is, there is a lot we can do to restore your ability to chew comfortably, speak clearly, and improve your appearance, even if you have severe dental problems. It will require commitment, patience, time, and an investment from you, but we can absolutely rebuild all of the teeth in your mouth.

Mouth reconstruction is a means of fixing a person’s mouth in such a way that they can smile again, they can chew again, they can look good again, they don’t have to worry about dentures popping out and it is a spectrum of treatments basically and may involve a multitude of different types of services, depending on the individual patient’s needs but the final result is chewability, function, lack of discomfort, healthy gums and it is an involved process often times. It is definitely a more involved process because of all the different procedures that are involved. It is a more time consuming process but it is typically reserved for patients that have had a lot of old dentistry that has failed or they just haven’t been to a dentist in a long, long time or for some reason the dentistry that was done didn’t last as long as it should have so it can encompass a number of different spectrums of different procedures that are done and the nice thing about having that done here is that we can do all of that right here in the office as opposed to what is more commonly done by dentists in that you have to go to the oral surgeon for this, the root canal specialist for that and you have to go to the gum specialist for this and patients don’t like that, they just want to go to one dentist that they have a relationship with, they have a relationship with the staff, they trust us, they know what they are getting, they know where they are going and a lot of these patients do want to be sedated for it as well. If we are doing anesthesia for the patient, we have to be clinically skillful at doing these procedures because we can’t bring all these specialists to the office. It is just logistically very difficult to try to accomplish that so in a sedation office such as ours, full mouth rehabilitation and full mouth reconstruction is a very logical, concomitant thing to do along with sedation.

This is where Dr. Thomas Peltzer’s vast expertise in many fields of dentistry, including certifications in anesthesia and IV sedation, are put to good use. Our Plainville, CT dentist has many surgical, restorative, and cosmetic tools and techniques to get you the smile you have only dreamed of until now, while keeping you comfortable through the whole process.

The first step is a comprehensive examination and evaluation, with X-rays, diagnostic tools, imaging, and impressions, to establish a starting point for your journey to a new mouth. We will also inventory your complete medical history to make sure you are healthy enough for the full-mouth reconstruction procedure, and if any considerations need to be addressed, such as age, autoimmune disease, heart problems, diabetes, and other factors like medications or tobacco use. A step-by-step treatment plan will be mapped out with you to organize the procedures necessary in the proper order for the best results.

Each person is different, so each case will vary in length of treatment time and procedures that will need to be done. No matter what you need, be assured that you will have sedation options available, including IV sedation, every step of the way to make it a stress-free and pain-free experience at our Plainville, CT dentist office.

Here are some of the procedures that may be involved with your full-mouth reconstruction:

  • Professional cleaning – preventive care for any teeth that are still in good condition.
  • Periodontal treatments – scaling, root planing, and periodontal surgery to stop or prevent gum disease.
  • Gum grafts – to replace missing or damaged gum tissue, and to correct receding gums.
  • Gum reduction or reshaping – to correct a “gummy smile” appearance, or to create a more pleasing gum-to-tooth ratio.
  • Bone grafts – for sinus lifts or reinforcement of the jaw to prepare for dental implants.
  • Extractions – removal of teeth that cannot be saved or are improperly positioned.
  • Fillings – to repair teeth that have minor decay or cavities.
  • Root canals – to save a tooth with severe decay.
  • Crowns – to cover, protect, or alter the size, shape, color, and strength of a tooth. Also used to cover dental implants or teeth that have undergone root canals.
  • Dental implants – replacement tooth roots to anchor one or more replacement teeth, or to secure a permanent denture.
  • Bridges – to fill gaps where teeth are missing.
  • Veneers – to cover, protect, or change the size, shape, length, and color of the front surface of a tooth. Also used to hide minor flaws like mild alignment issues, chips, and cracks.
  • Orthodontics – to properly align the jaw, align the teeth, and correct the bite.

Full-mouth reconstruction is the best solution when severe dental injury or decay have significantly compromised the health and appearance of your teeth. Taking a comprehensive and methodical approach, we can rebuild your smile one step at a time.

You will be able to enjoy the foods you love again. You will not have to worry about dental pain anymore. You will get your confidence back. You will no longer have the weight of poor oral health hanging over your head. Can you imagine your life with a complete and healthy smile?

Dr. Thomas Peltzer is nationally known as an expert in the field of sedation dentistry and dental anesthesia. As Connecticut’s premier sedation dentist, Dr. Peltzer is honored to be a member of the prestigious American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists and attends hundreds of hours of additional Advanced Anesthesia Continuing Education per year to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in sedation dentistry.

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