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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal From Plainville, CT Dentist Office

Your third molars, also called your wisdom teeth, are the last to erupt. For most people, wisdom teeth will never pose a problem, but it’s also possible that you may not have enough room in your mouth to fit these late-blooming teeth, leaving you with impacted wisdom teeth that can cause a whole host of problems!

When these sorts of situations arise, it can become necessary for impacted wisdom teeth removal in Plainville, CT. At Gentle Dental Care, we always want to save any tooth we can, but when wisdom teeth become a problem, it’s best to have tooth extraction or get them taken out!

Reasons For Wisdom Teeth Removal


The most common cause of problems with wisdom teeth, impaction involves the partial eruption of your wisdom teeth, often at a bad angle or alignment that pushes your other teeth out of place. Impacted wisdom teeth can grow in at an angle, only partially erupt, or even not fully escape your jawbone. We have solutions for all of these scenarios!


Often happening side by side with serious impaction, infected wisdom teeth can necessitate immediate removal. When a partially erupted tooth results in food and plaque being able to hide beneath the surface of your gums, infection can follow, leading to tooth extraction pain and possibly damage to your wisdom teeth, gum, and jawbone.


Many people suffering from impacted wisdom teeth experience another problem as well: crowding. When your mouth isn’t big enough for all of your teeth, your wisdom teeth can just make the situation worse by trying to squeeze themselves in where there isn’t any room!

Damage to Nearby Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth with infection and excessive force brought on by crowding can all cause damage to nearby teeth, meaning your wisdom teeth are the origin of all sorts of pain, discomfort, and a shifting bite! When that happens, we need to act fast to protect the rest of your mouth!

In Pain? Let Us Help!

If you’re experiencing any pain in your jaw or teeth, don’t wait to get help! The only way to know if your pain is caused by your wisdom teeth is to let us perform a full dental examination of your mouth to determine where your pain is originating. Most patients who experience wisdom teeth pain will need an extraction, and the quicker we take out a problem wisdom tooth, the better!

Removal of wisdom teeth in this office is a very common thing, I mean we are taking out wisdom teeth all the time and patients may vary from age 18 or 19 all the way up through 90 years of age. We try to avoid that in older patients because they are more prone to brittle bone and things of that nature but I’ve just been taking out wisdom teeth for years. I’ve taken a tremendous amount of advanced surgical courses. I have been in the operating room working with surgeons on these procedures and incorporated a whole bunch of people around the country, different techniques and kind of incorporated the best of what I thought would work for me and my practice and my assistants are highly skilled surgical assistants in terms

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