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Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry From Plainville, CT Dentist Office

Fear of the dentist is not at all uncommon. If you’ve been putting off dental care due to intense anxiety, fear, or phobia and want a solution that will allow you to get care without worry, Gentle Dental Care is here to help! Dr. Thomas Peltzer and all our staff are ready to make your dental care stress-free with our sedation dentistry in Plainville, CT!

Sedation dentistry requires extensive additional training, knowledge and expertise to deal with the multitude of issues that could come up and to keep you safe. We follow a lot of different procedures to ensure that. We have hospital level technology and monitoring equipment to monitor all the different things that are going on in your body to be sure that you are safe. We have multiple back-up monitors as well in case something happens to the one monitor or if the power goes out we have back-up power supply as well. At all times when we have a sedation procedure going on for a patient, we have at least three people in the room; myself and two assistants who are helping me surgically do the procedure or restorative dentistry wise doing your dentistry for you that are assisting me and then we have a dedicated individual who is actually looking at the monitor, constantly checking all of your vital signs to be sure that you are completely safe and alerting me by telling me exactly what those numbers are every two minutes and I’m listening with an earpiece to your breathing so that we know immediately if anything comes up and we have a 100% safety record and we want to keep it that way so we invested in thousands and thousands of dollars worth of technology to be able to ensure that that level of safety is equivalent to what it would be in a hospital operating room.

Your Plainville, CT dentist Dr. Peltzer, can complete most of your dental care at one time and can often do extended treatments in just a couple of appointments!

Sedation is kind of a broad word and in my mind it can involve everything from just a calm demeanor on the part of the staff and the dentist and receptionist talking to the patient just to make them feel relaxed to different levels that would increase the level of involvement on our part in terms of [inaudible] laughing gas which we have and we use a fair amount but that is not applicable to patients who have a moderate or a high fear so we can augment that or increase their level of comfort by adding oral medications, just a small pill they could take in advance of their appointment, even sometimes in advance of just coming into the office, which is not at all uncommon for us to do that because people are even afraid of that so that makes them relaxed and it is kind of funny because a lot of times their companion that brings them in will say “can I have some of what you gave her because that seems like pretty good stuff”. We, depending on the patient’s level of anxiety, will determine with the patient and let them co-decide with us in terms of whether they think [inaudible] alone will be enough or the oral sedation which I’m not a huge fan of. I’ve done a lot of it and I’ve found that it was really effective for some people but there is a large population out there; autistic patients, patients who don’t have control over themselves, mental illness type patients, who need IV sedation so that is really ultimately utilized for patients who just don’t want to know what is going on. Some of these patients will have very lengthy appointments, several hours long in the chair, either because they are anxious or because they just don’t want to be aware and don’t want to be jittery for several hours when they want to get a lot of things done. We have businessmen who are CEO’s of companies that come in for sedation just because they can’t get away from their business they are so important but they can take one day off and come in and get everything done and other patients who need a number of appointments to get things accomplished depending on the severity of their dental problems.

About one-half of all Americans dread going to the dentist. We understand. We will help alleviate your fears. Dr. Peltzer’s expertise in sedation dentistry can give you the dream smile you deserve in only one or two anxiety-free appointments. Do not be discouraged by past dental fears; our excellent staff will work with you to create a smile you will never want to hide again!

There are three main types of sedation dentistry: inhaled, oral, and IV sedation.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhaled sedation is a gas that is inhaled through a tube fitted over your nose. For mild to moderate dental anxiety, or if you have difficulty remaining still, inhaled sedation is an effective way to help you relax during minor dental procedures. You remain conscious and aware of what is going on and are able to respond to the dentist during your procedure. One of the benefits of gas is a rapid recovery time after your procedure is complete.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For a deeper sedation than gas, sometimes an oral sedative is administered by taking pill prior to your procedure. You remain somewhat aware of what is going on but are extremely relaxed. One of the main drawbacks to oral conscious sedation is that every patient responds differently to the medication, so there is not very much control of how deeply you are sedated or how quickly it will wear off.

IV Sedation

Plainville, CT dentist Dr. Peltzer has had extensive formal experience and training both in hospital and outpatient surgery centers, so at Gentle Dental Care we use IV sedation dentistry almost exclusively. Before starting any treatments, Dr. Peltzer will review your medical history and explain how sedation dentistry can work for you. We want you to feel good about going forward toward a healthy, new smile.

Also known as “twilight conscious sedation,” this technique allows medication to be administered directly into the bloodstream, where it is much more effective and much safer than medication taken orally and can be easily and quickly adjusted depending on your particular needs.

The advantage of this sedation dentistry technique is that the level of medication can be immediately increased if the patient is not sedated enough. Your vital signs (EKG, blood oxygenation, carbon dioxide exhalation, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing sounds) will be continually monitored to ensure that you are safe and relaxed throughout the dental procedure. You will be awake and responsive during your treatment, but in a deep state of relaxation and will not remember your procedures. Like standard sedation dentistry, IV sedation requires you to have a companion drive you to and from your appointment.

IV sedation is best for patients who experience moderate to severe dental anxiety or who need treatment and want it done in the most comfortable manner possible with no memory of the experience.

Plainville, CT dentist Dr. Peltzer has the distinct honor of having been awarded a State of Connecticut Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation permit. This is a rare achievement and distinction for a general dentist in Connecticut. This advanced skill allows us to much better serve our patients.

Experience Sedation Dentistry

If you have struggled with fear about going to the dentist, or if you dread having an endless number of appointments to get the care you need, sedation dentistry in Plainville, CT is highly recommended for patients like you! Even if you have medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, we have the skills and equipment to monitor you throughout your procedure to keep you comfortable, safely.

Trust your sedation dentistry experience to our expert team at Gentle Dental Care. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about oral and sedation dentistry and what you can expect. Contact our Plainville, CT dentist office using our online form, or call us at 860-479-2397 to make an appointment. You have the opportunity to change the way you feel about dentistry. Find out what it is like to enjoy a positive dental experience!


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