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Short-Term Clear Braces

Short-Term Clear Braces From Plainville, CT Dentist Office

If you want straighter teeth in a short amount of time, but braces do not fit your schedule or your lifestyle, there is a better choice. One of the best alternatives to traditional metal braces in recent years is the use of clear braces orthodontic devices called aligners. These invisible teeth straighteners are a great adult orthodontics option!

Clear braces are a great alternative to metal braces, as people traditionally think of braces, they are used much more these days than ever before and there are a number of different means in doing so. There are shorter term treatments for mild corrections; sometimes people have little gaps between their teeth or their teeth are rotated and they just want to correct these things that show and so there is a 2 to 4 month process called re-aligners which can be utilized for that person who is looking for that type of treatment. Invisalign is a big name in clear braces and basically they are invisible. It is basically just a clear piece of plastic that has been custom molded by a computer and machine and it is designed to straighten the teeth sequentially a little bit at a time and so they wear a clear aligner for a couple of weeks and depending on how well that is working, if it is doing what is supposed to do and 99% of the time it does, then they move to the next one which makes further corrections and it is for simple corrections and it can be for more a little bit more complex corrections as well so you can achieve a little bit more involved cases to a successful result utilizing those and then of course there obviously are the metal braces which a lot of adults don’t want to wear, although they do, but many would prefer to wear the clear braces because while they do wear them throughout the day, except when they are eating, they eat, brush their teeth and put them back in again and they get used to that are are fine with that. We have a lot of patients who are just delighted with that process, there is a huge demand for that.

Plainville, CT dentist, Dr. Thomas Peltzer at Gentle Dental Care, is certified to do invisible orthodontic aligners or clear aligners and has had great success with his patients. He is experienced in correcting alignment and bite problems and is committed to helping you get the straighter, healthier smile you have been wanting. We’re also glad to offer preventive treatments for younger patients!

What Are Aligners?

Orthodontic aligners are a series of custom-fitted soft plastic retainers that slip directly on the teeth. Unlike traditional braces, they have no wires or brackets.

How Do Aligners Work?

Plainville, CT dentist Dr. Peltzer will do a complete workup and diagnosis of your alignment and bite problems, and prescribe a series of clear aligners to correct and straighten your teeth. Each aligner tightly molds to your teeth, exerting gradual pressure to shift and rotate your teeth into alignment. You wear each aligner most of each day for several weeks, and then start another one every few weeks after that, to gently move your teeth into the desired positions.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Aligners?

  • Natural, virtually undetectable appearance
  • Removable for eating and oral hygiene
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Shorter duration of treatment than braces
  • Comparable cost to braces
  • Properly aligned teeth that are easier to keep healthy

How Long Does Aligner Treatment Take?

The length of treatment will vary from person to person, depending on the severity of misalignment and the desired results. Many adults with mild to moderate alignment issues report successful treatment results in about one year of treatment. The average length of treatment is 10 to 24 months.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Orthodontic Aligners?

Aligners or clear ceramic braces work best for adults and teens, since their teeth are finished growing. As an incredibly discreet method of straightening your smile, clear aligners are an ideal choice especially for adult orthodontic patients! They are very effective for people with minor crowding, gaps between their teeth, and mild alignment problems. Patients who have severe alignment and bite problems, or have very wide spaces between their teeth, would benefit from a more complex treatment with traditional orthodontics.

How Do I Keep My Smile Straight?

After completing your series of aligners, Dr. Peltzer may advise you to wear a retainer, at least at night, to maintain the results of your aligner treatment. Teeth naturally shift and move over time, so if you want to keep your smile straight, you need to use a retainer to keep them in their correct positions.

Prevent Shifting Teeth!

When your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, the result can be serious damage to their long-term oral health. Baby teeth not only serve as your child’s early smile, but they also hold the place for adult teeth. When a baby tooth is lost before the development of an adult tooth, the surrounding teeth can shift, leaving little to no room for the tooth that should have taken its place!

We offer space maintainers to protect your child’s smile and ensure proper future growth. Space maintainers hold both adjacent teeth in place and brace them in place. The maintainer itself is a metal ring that will allow for healthy eruption of the adult tooth, at which time the maintainer can be removed!

I Am Ready to Fix My Crooked Teeth!

Great! We are happy to help you get the smile you want with short-term clear braces in Plainville, CT! Just contact Gentle Dental Care using our online form, or call our Plainville, CT dentist office at 860-479-2397 to schedule your appointment.


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